PreOrder Your 2020 Model Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iPad Pro from @Custom Mac BD. 
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✅ Upto 36 Month Emi. T&C Applied.
✅Free Gift Offers or Cash back for our Existing Customers and for New Customers at Next settlement.
  • What CUSTOM MAC BD can ensure is we will be the First in Bangladesh to bring as always we have for the past 5 years and will be providing the Best Price comparatively to Legit Authorised or Official Product Sellers in Bangladesh.                                                                                                          
  • Delivery 1st Phase (Preorder of June 6 to June 30) : Delivery will be starting from estimated within 2 weeks of the International Flights Globally (Specifically Malaysia & Singapore & USA) starts or Earlier if possible. Estimated or expected earliest End of June Beginning of July or Mid to End July from your order Date.But if No news of Flights Depending on Pandemic situation Delivery might be delayed to Till Beginning to Mid August for Customs Delays and Global Shipment issues. But can Guarantee we will be one of the First in Bangladesh to deliver at Best price. The Delivery will be done by First Order First Deliver Basis Serially. 
  • Delivery 2nd Phase (Preorder of July 8th to July 25th) : Delivery will be made after 1-1.5 Month from the Starting of Phase 1 Delivery. Earliest expectation will start from End August or Beginning of September minimum. Minimum estimated delivery date  Pandemicis mentioned onson each product page. Might be delayed for Flights Availability, Customs Delays and Global Shipment issues.The Delivery will be done by First Order First Deliver Basis. 
  • Payment : Preorder Amount (8-9% of the Total Price ) Should be paid Online Within 30 Minutes of Order completion. Choose Only "Pay By Credit card/ Mobile Banking/ Net Banking" as payment Option when ordering. (Message us on Facebook or Website for Online Payment Link) after the online order placing is complete.
  • DUE AMOUNT = ( "Total Price" - "Preorder Amount" ) mentioned on our  product pages will be the Due Amount you pay at Delivery Time. 
  • Strictly No refund of the Preorder (In cases of uncertain Delays in delivery due to Pandemic Situation Starting International Flights and Customs Clearance delays ). But if You Do not Receive within 2 Months from your Order date or Incase of any situation such as Covid if price Increases due to Customs clearance or uncertain high shipping charge we will notify so that you can get the Refund from our Stores or Bkash. If Anyone is in hurry if you are getting earlier availability with the same prices and service What we can do for you is you can order from us Other products with that amount of money accessories or any other products by adding amount if you need .
  • You will be emailed with and Invoice within 2 days of your Paid Preorder. Any delivery status will be Notified by calls or emails or will be update our FB page. Please you are humbly requested not to keep calling us or message on Fb and website about delivery update. We will do it ourself as soon as the First Shipment Arrives.
With these terms if you are interested to Preorder please proceed.
***NOTE**** What few other Vendors are trying to do and FAKE PROMISING at 10-20% higher price and promising delivery at 10 DAYS. But we are Transparent and let us share you the truth :
✅ Customs Closed so still not Clearing items for weeks and months
✅ International Product Shipment and Global Supply chain is in halt. 
Why You Should Preorder from Custom Mac BD :
✅ We are the Only Macbook and iPad Non Authorised Seller Providing Authorized Official Warranty for the past 5 Years in Business. Details :
Best price in Bangladesh for the Authorised Official Warranty always and Without Official also as always. Check our current prices of 2019 to Compare.
✅ Our branches in 2 Biggest Malls in Bangladesh Jamuna Future Park and Bashundhara City.
✅ Free Shipment All Over Bangladesh within 24-48Hrs for Delivery.
✅ Free Gift Offers, Cash back for our Existing Customers and for New Customers at Next settlement.
Facebook Page Preorder Update on 17th JulyHello Dear Customers, First of all thank you for all you love and trust on us. This post is specifically for our Customers who have pre-ordered their 2020 Macbook and Ipad Pro from our website. We did make a promise of delivering your products starting from Beginning of July to End July for Phase 1 Pre-order. But due to certain issues like Flights, Customs, etc we have not been able to keep our promise of delivery. When we took Pre-order we mentioned a Non Refund policy in case of issues like this. But we have changed it now. As per our terms " Case 1: if You Do not Receive within 2 Months from your Order date you can get the Refund from our 2 Stores/Branches or Bank Transfer once a week by collecting all Bank details at once as many as possible. Case 2: If Anyone is in hurry if you think you are getting earlier availability with the same prices and service what we can do for you is you can order from us Other products with that amount of money accessories or any other products/items from our website of higher cost by adding amount if you need. An additional 500 BDT Voucher from us will be added from us, means you get 500 Taka of Spending free from us on the total". And Case 2 even applies in Case 1 after the period of time mentioned. Currently only few of the other sellers (2/3) are delivering 2-3 units here and there. And we are aware of that. So want to make that thing clear. 90% of those few sellers are charging 20-30% more than our price you can verify that by checking the market or if you come across the seller s. And 10% of those sellers are giving very few pre-order products delivery only brought by flights or luggage which is absolutely okay. But as our pre-order Volume is way higher and Our promised Prices is way lower we are unable to deliver as such like them even though we can if we want to. But we have made you a promise of giving you that price. Thus For 1st Phase Delivery we have the Updated Earliest delivery estimate is from Beginning August till Late August. We wholeheartedly apologize for the inconveniences. We can promise you it was never our intention. We thought the situation would be better soon, the pandemic would end by Early June, things will be normal soon and get better, flights will come regular and Customs will clear items Faster and smoother. But we were wrong and we apologize for that. You can choose any of the above option from Case 1 or Case 2. We thank you for bearing with us in this situation. For any questions and support regarding this call us 01762522797 and 01842522796 from 11 am to 7 pm.