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Tablets are more widely used than ever thanks to their portability, adaptability, and compactness. Similar to desktops, tab prices in Bangladesh can vary depending on their power and capabilities. The exceptional portability and capability of tablets make them perfect for a variety of tasks, from academics to professional design and media creation. Furthermore, the multiple accessories that tablets allow assist in blurring the gap between them and laptops. If you're interested in tablets, then this article is for you.

Tablet Price in Bangladesh with Detailed Specifications

Tab price in Bangladesh will depend on many factors. The brand name plays a major role in it. Other factors are size, processor, connectivity option, etc. Under BDT 50,000, you may easily find a decent tablet. However, some tablets can cost as much as BDT 100,000. These have a few remarkable qualities. So we can’t complain about the price. Whether you're reading a book while traveling, playing games on your daily commute, or watching a movie from the comfort of your bed, tablets are the ideal entertainment device. Although the screen is more portable than your TV, it is larger than your phone.

There are two different kinds of tablets, regardless of the brand. The ordinary tablets that you can use in place of your laptop are called "Regular" tablets. Graphics Tablets are designed specifically for graphic artists. It has a pen that makes writing for users more convenient. Its color accuracy is better than regular tablets.

Your On-the-Go Device

The typical laptop weighs between five and ten pounds. A tablet, on the other hand, weighs around a pound. Which would you like to carry with you all day? It takes significantly more effort to carry a laptop, especially when it needs to be transported safely in separate carrying cases or backpacks. One of the best benefits of a tablet is that you don't need to put it in a backpack. You can just grab it and go.

Intuitive Touchscreen

The best part of a tablet is its touchscreen. Touch controls larger screens more easily than a mouse does. Touchscreens make devices run more quickly and efficiently. You probably don't even realize how much time is spent considering where the mouse is on the page and how to navigate. So why not use a touchscreen to cut down on that time?

Glass or other comparable surfaces are frequently used as the screen material for touch technologies. They are perfect for public spaces and are simple to clean.

High-Resolution Displays with Vibrant Colors

The clarity of the visuals on your tablet's screen depends on its resolution, much like with monitors. Full HD, which is referred to as 1080p, is suitable for the majority of workplace or academic tasks. When using the tablet frequently to view videos or play games, higher resolutions like 1440p or 4K are beneficial. The most popular tablets right now are those with IPS and AMOLED displays. The feature of color accuracy is more specialized. The most color-accurate display, however, is frequently required by design experts, for example, to complete content production and delivery. Different sizes and forms are available for tablets. Screen sizes typically range from 7.9" to 12.9". Tab price in BD will depend on its size.

Faster Processing Power

The tablet's processing power isn't that outstanding when compared to computers. However, the most recent ones are more potent because they use the nearly ideal mobile chipset. The best gaming chip at the time of writing is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. Performance has increased by 35%, while CPU efficiency has increased by 40% over the Gen 1 model. The better the processor, the higher the tablet price.

Suitable Battery Backups

Tablets have substantially longer battery life than laptops even though they are smaller. A laptop's increasing processing power places demands on the battery, which contributes to this issue. A good laptop might have a six-hour battery life, but many won't even make it that far. Some devices only allow you to use them for an hour or two before the battery runs out.

No so with a tablet. A fully charged tablet battery will last all day and will most likely still be charged when you plug it in at night. Under normal circumstances, this would be one of the benefits of a tablet, but it's especially useful when traveling. Who needs to struggle to find a plug for a laptop power cord in a crowded airport when a tablet will do the trick?

Effortless Multitasking Capabilities

When using the larger screens of tablets, users frequently multitask. The new taskbar makes it simpler to open and switch between apps immediately. Gestures make it even easier to use the taskbar. Split-screen mode for running apps is a well-liked method of multitasking. Now from the taskbar, users can drag and drop their preferred programs into split-screen mode. Additionally, they can tap the new "Split" action in the overview to instantly launch split-screen mode. All apps, regardless of whether they are resizable, are permitted to enter multi-window mode on Android versions 12 and higher.

Best Option to Satisfy Your Kid’s Curiosity

Google Kids Space is an Android tablet experience with child-friendly content. Kids may access age- and interest-appropriate applications, books, and movies. Depending on the interests your child selects, it suggests excellent content for them. When they design their characters, children can even personalize their experiences. Each child has their own user space in Google Kids Space, allowing numerous children to utilize the same tablet.

Your child must have a basic Google Account or a Google Account without an email address and password to set up Google Kids Space. These accounts can be created and maintained using the Family Link app.

Connectivity & Ecosystem

Android has an ecosystem, just like Apple does. It still isn't as well known as Apple's. But it’s getting there. Your phone, tablet, laptop, wearables, and other devices can now all be connected and function perfectly. For example, if you connect Samsung earbuds with your Samsung phone, it will automatically be connected to your Samsung wearable and laptop. Find My Device supports a greater variety of devices from multiple brands, including tablets, headphones, and more, to make it easier for you to keep track of all your gadgets. Unknown tracker alerts will also let you know if an unauthorized tracking tag is following you and assist you in finding it, protecting both your privacy and safety.

Experience Apps Designed for Big Screen

Large-screen Android devices a.k.a tablets are more efficient than ever with improved app experiences. More than 50 Google applications, including Gmail, Photos, and Meet, have been enhanced for big displays. And on larger screens, your favorite applications, including Spotify, Minecraft, and Disney+, look stunning and operate smoothly. The most recent version adds more functionality to improve the user experience. Image Q&A uses artificial intelligence to provide image descriptions and respond to follow-up questions that you can type or speak. Gmail will prompt you to translate an email to your preferred language from the mobile app when it recognizes that you have received one in a foreign language.

Your In-Hand Entertainment Tool

Entertainment Space is a one-stop destination for all of your favorite movies, shows, videos, games, and books. You'll save time and refrain from switching between apps when attempting to decide what to watch, play, or read. Entertainment Space will display your material in a single location that is personalized for you once you log in to your subscription apps. Everyone in the family can have their unique profile if you want to share your tablet. 

Safe with Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect secures your apps and your data. The Google Play Store offers only secure apps. However, it performs additional security checks before you download an app for your protection. It scans your device for possibly hazardous apps downloaded from other sources. These harmful programs are also referred to as malware.

When apps are found to be breaking the Unwanted Software Policy by concealing or misrepresenting crucial facts, Google Play Protect alerts you. It notifies you of applications that may request user consent to access your personal information and hence violate the Developer Policy.

Available Tab Price in Bangladesh

Looking for a tab price in Bangladesh? Tablet price depends on its storage, and connectivity system. Companies have different pricing structures. Here is a list of some of the best tablet prices available in Custom Mac BD.

Tab Price In Bangladesh





Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

12/256 GB


BDT 140,000


BDT 146,000

12/512 GB


BDT 147,000


BDT 160,000

16/1 TB


BDT 180,000


BDT 190,000

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+

12/256 GB


BDT 104,000

12/512 GB

BDT 117,000

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

8/128 GB


BDT 90,000

12/256 GB

BDT 98,000

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

8/128 GB


BDT 70,000


BDT 87,000

8/ 256 GB


BDT 86,000


BDT 143,000

12/256 GB


BDT 81,000

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

128 GB


BDT 92,000


BDT 103,000

256 GB


BDT 102,000


BDT 116,000

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

8/128 GB


BDT 110,000


BDT 116,000

12/256 GB


BDT 110,000


BDT 119,000

16/512 GB


BDT 132,000

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

3/32 GB


BDT 29,000


BDT 28,500

4/64 GB


BDT 27,500


BDT 29,500

Amazon Fire HD 10

3/32 GB

BDT 18,000

Amazon Fire HD 8

2/32 GB

BDT 11,000

Why Choose Android Tablets in Bangladesh

You can choose from different tab mobile prices in Bangladesh. But do you really need one? Here are some of the many reasons why you need an Android tablet.

Tablets provide a simple and portable way to access many content and applications. They are perfect for professionals, students, and people on the go because of their small size and long battery life.

Tablets enable simple navigation and frictionless interaction due to their user-friendly interface. Touchscreen technology's fast response to swipes and gestures makes multitasking simple and optimizes workflow.

The user-friendly interface makes it simple for users to switch between applications and carry out several tasks. Users can see and utilize numerous programs simultaneously using split-screen capabilities, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Tablets provide a simple and portable platform for writing notes or creating hand-drawn sketches to collect and organize ideas. Users don't need bulky notebooks or loose pieces of paper while using a tablet to quickly take notes during meetings, seminars, or brainstorming sessions.

Custom Mac BD for the Best Tab Price in Bangladesh

Order from Custom Mac BD for the most competitive tab mobile price in Bangladesh. We provide the best tech shopping experience with smooth EMI, digital payment, expert recommendations through a helpline, and a meticulously structured online shop. You can check out the gadgets in three different stores. Visit us in Bashundhara City, Jamuna Future Park, or Police Plaza Concord.


Which tablet is best for students?

You shouldn't look past the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus if you require a tablet that can handle practically any task. The Tab S8 Plus has 8 GB of RAM and extendable storage options of 128 or 256 GB. With the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, it provides all the strength and intelligence necessary to activate Samsung DeX Mode. It transforms your Tab S8 Plus into a desktop-like experience. 

Which is the lowest price tab?

You can buy the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet from Custom Mac BD at BDT 11,000. It is a 10th-generation tablet with an 8" HD display, 2 GB RAM, 32 or 64 GB of internal storage, and up to 1 TB with microSD card.

Is a tablet useful for university students?

Students can benefit much from tablets. They can use it to make notes, gather information for research, read paperwork, and watch videos. It outperforms smartphones because of its larger displays. Compared to carrying those heavy laptops, it is more comfortable.

What is better for students laptop or a tablet?

Any student would benefit greatly from either choice. A tablet is preferable to a laptop for those who need more portability. But a laptop might be a better choice if you require solid performance and don't mind carrying it everywhere.

Which model of tablet is best?

There are many Android tablet models available. In our opinion, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ would be a great choice. It has a gorgeous 12.4-inch AMOLED display. It's powered by the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. Otherwise, Samsung, Google, OnePlus, and Amazon are offering amazing tablets.