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Are you looking for Apple accessories in Bangladesh to enhance your Apple devices? Look no further; we'll examine a variety of Apple accessories offered in Bangladesh and provide you with the most recent pricing data. We have everything you need, from fashionable AirPods to safe covers and chargers. We'll walk you through your options whether you want to boost functionality, safeguard your devices, or improve the audio experience. Keep reading as we explore the fascinating world of Apple accessories and assist you in locating the ideal ones to match your devices and your budget.

Apple Accessories at Best Price in Bangladesh

Are Apple accessories really important? To be honest, you can live without them. But they will make your experience with Apple products better. Because of the tight connection between Apple's hardware and software, it is able to give its accessories functionalities that are unattainable by competitors.

Every time you go outside, for instance, you'll see folks with charging wires flowing from their phones to a battery pack in their pocket or bag. The overall concept is more elegant with Apple's MagSafe battery. Simply attach it to your phone and set it aside. Another illustration of the high-quality accessories that Apple can create is this magnetic battery pack. It can add complex features that other manufacturers cannot since it owns the entire system.

Best Apple AirPods to Shop Online in BD

Custom Mac BD offers original Apple accessories in Bangladesh. Apple first debuted its AirPods wireless earbuds in 2016. Although they had a lot of innovative features, the audio quality was not the greatest on the market. With AirPods 2, they enhanced the audio quality and added a wireless charging case. It offers better battery life. The AirPods 3 introduced spatial audio, MagSafe charging, adaptive EQ, and water and perspiration resistance. The top-tier AirPods Pro has Siri voice control, the H1 audio processing chip, and effective active noise cancellation with Transparency Mode. Additionally, the AirPods Pro 2 includes adjustable transparency and active noise cancellation settings. They have four ear tip sizes (XS-L) and fit comfortably. The AirPods Max is outstanding and features superior active noise cancellation over the AirPods Pro.

Original Apple Magic Mouse

Magic Mouse has an improved foot design that allows it to glide easily around your surface. It is cordless and rechargeable. You may use basic actions like swiping between online sites and scrolling through documents on the Multi-Touch surface. Your Magic Mouse will run on the rechargeable battery for around a month or longer between charges. It pairs with your Mac instantly and is ready to use right out of the box.

Most Demanded Original Apple Power Adapter & Lightning Cable

At Custom Mac BD, you can purchase an authentic Apple power adapter and lightning cable. There are USB-C power adapters that are 20w, 30w, 61w, 96w, and 140w in capacity. The Apple USB-C Power Adapter provides quick, efficient charging at home, the workplace, or on the move. For quick charging that can reach 50% of the battery in around 30 minutes, pair it with an iPhone 8 or later. Or use it in conjunction with the iPad Pro and iPad Air for the best charging results. Additionally, we have 1 and 2 meters of lightning cable in stock.

Original Magic Keyboard & Accessories

The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad provides a very comfortable and precise typing experience. It has an expanded layout with full-size arrow keys that are excellent for gaming and document navigation capabilities for speedy scrolling. It has a rechargeable battery that can power your keyboard for up to a month between charges and is wireless. It automatically connects to your Mac, allowing you to start working straight away.

Apple Magic Trackpad Accessories

Magic Trackpad is wireless and rechargeable. It features Force Touch technology and the entire set of Multi-Touch motions. Your pressure variations are picked up by sensors hidden beneath the trackpad surface. It allows for a closer connection to your material and increases the capabilities available at your fingertips. It has a sizable edge-to-edge glass surface area, which increases the efficiency and comfort of scrolling and swiping through your favorite content.

Authentic Apple Keyboard Folio

The ideal mate for the iPad (10th generation) is the Magic Keyboard Folio. It has a fantastic typing experience, an integrated trackpad for precise job handling, and a 14-key function row. The adaptable two-piece design has an iPad-magnet-attachable keyboard that can be removed and a protected back panel. Wherever you go, the Magic Keyboard Folio keeps your iPad safe.

Genuine Apple Pencils with Pencil Tips

The Apple Pencil is a stylus that works with the iPads. There's a little plastic tip that attaches to the iPad's display, a pencil-like body to grip onto, and a charging mechanism. You can replace the tip. While the second-generation Apple Pencil charges inductively through the iPad Pro, the first-generation device has a Lightning connector. You can do tasks like shading by holding it sideways and pressing the side of the tip against the iPad.

Leather & Silicon Cases for iPhone

Custom Mac BD sells both leather and silicon cases for iPhones. With proper care, leather is a sturdy material that can last for many years. It offers decent defense against bumps and scrapes. It is a biodegradable, natural substance. Even though they are typically less expensive than leather cases, silicone cases for iPhones nevertheless offer some degree of protection. The material is flexible and simple to put on and take off. It also does a good job of absorbing impacts and shocks.

Authentic Apple Air Tags

The little circular tag is made to be fastened to objects like wallets and keys. Along with Apple devices, these items can be tracked over Bluetooth using the Find My app. Each AirTag now has an U1 chip from Apple, allowing you to view its exact location indoors or outdoors if it's close by, or its last known location if it's not. There are built-in speakers in the home that can be used to play a sound to find a misplaced AirTag. You can also use Siri or the Find My app to do this.

Shop for Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable

It's now easier than ever to charge your Apple Watch. Combining inductive charging and Apple's MagSafe technology provides the solution. The system is entirely enclosed and has no exposed contacts. Furthermore, it doesn't require exact alignment. Simply insert the connector close to the watch's back, where magnets make it automatically snap into place. It is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1-8, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Ultra, and Apple Watch 1st generation.

Latest Apple TV 4K Model

The best video and audio capabilities are now available on the largest screen in the house thanks to the new Apple TV 4K generation. The device gains even more strength and efficiency with A15 Bionic. CPU performance is now up to 50% quicker than the previous generation, resulting in improved responsiveness, faster navigation, and snappier UI animations. For even smoother gameplay, GPU performance is now up to 30% faster than the previous generation. Dolby Vision and HDR10+ are now supported by Apple TV 4K, enabling excellent visual quality on more TVs.

Get Apple HomePod Mini

The HomePod mini is Apple's smallest smart speaker, featuring a round design, the S5 processor, and the U1 chip, all for a price tag of $99. It is a smart speaker that surrounds itself with sound in a 360-degree field. The sound is quite enjoyable from all angles. In this tiny sphere, Apple crammed a full-range driver and two passive bass radiators. Despite its tiny size, a single speaker can produce enough volume to play background music in the majority of small home spaces. To make a stereo pair with left and right channels for a full sound, two HomePod minis can be connected. Music may be streamed to numerous rooms in the house using a network of HomePod minis.

Why Buy Apple Accessories & Gadgets from Custom Mac BD?

For authentic Apple accessories, order from Custom Mac BD. We take great pride in selling genuine Apple items. To confirm, you can look at the serial number and box. We also offer an international warranty for Apple. The product warranty that comes with a purchase is basically a “Manufacturer's Warranty”. It implies that the brand or the manufacturer is liable for any warranty problems. To confirm that we provide Official Apple Authorized warranties from Apple Authorized Service Centers abroad, you can inspect or request samples of prior customer service report papers in-store. After returning from Warranty, you receive a document similar to this for your product. It is possible to check with Apple.

We provide the widest selection of Apple goods and accessories because we are one of the biggest Apple Stores in the nation. With simple EMI, digital payment, expert recommendations through a hotline, and a highly organized online shop, we guarantee the most satisfying tech shopping experience. You can place an online order and have the item delivered right to your door. For products covered by a service warranty, Custom Mac BD offers a 1–10 day replacement warranty. There are three stores where you may look at the products. Visit us at Police Plaza Concord, Bashundhara City, or Jamuna Future Park.


Which Are the Must-Have Apple Watch Accessories?

You must use a case and screen protector on your Apple Watch. They will protect your screen from dings, scrapes, and scratches. You can also invest in AirPods, and MagSafe duo charger. You can charge both your iPhone and watch while traveling. 

How to Check Apple Accessories Are Original?

Just by looking at Apple accessories' box, like Apple devices, you can tell if it's genuine or not. There are the “MFI” (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPad) emblems on the genuine Apple products' boxes. Apple connectors and chargers are ALWAYS marked “Designed by Apple in California.” They also contain a 12-digit serial number that you can check online.

Are Apple iPhone Accessories from Custom Mac BD Original?

We take great pride in selling genuine Apple items. To confirm, you can look at the serial number and box. We also offer an international warranty for Apple. To confirm that we provide Official Apple Authorized warranties from Apple Authorized Service Centers abroad, you can inspect or request samples of prior customer service report papers in-store.

Which Apple Accessories to Buy with iPhone?

Just like the Apple Watch, first, buy a case and screen protector for your iPhone. Then you can invest in AirPods, MagSafe charger, USB-C power adaptor, Apple Watch, etc. These products will complement your iPhone experience.