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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5G

BDT 0.00BDT 135,000.00
Titanium grayTitanium blackTitanium blueTitanium greenTitanium orangeTitanium yellowTitanium violet

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

BDT 0.00BDT 146,000.00
Bashundhara branch offerIcy blueCreamGrayBluePhantom black

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

BDT 82,000.00BDT 85,000.00
Bahsundhara branch offerMintYellowCreamGraphiteGrayLavender

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G

BDT 0.00BDT 155,000.00
Bshsundhara branch offerGreenPhatntom blackLavenderCream

Samsung Galaxy S23+(Plus) 5G

BDT 0.00BDT 88,000.00
Bashundhara city branch offerGreenPhantom blackCreamLavender

Samsung Galaxy S23 5G

BDT 64,000.00BDT 80,000.00
Bashundhara city branch offerGreenPhantom blackCreamLavender

Samsung Galaxy S24 5G

BDT 73,000.00BDT 86,000.00
Cobalt violetSapphire blueOnyx blackMarble grayAmber yellowJade greenSandstone orange

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

BDT 0.00BDT 139,000.00
Bashundhara city branch offerGraygreenPhantom blackBeigeBurgundy

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

BDT 0.00BDT 140,000.00
Bashundhara city branch offerBora purpleGraphiteBluePink gold

SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G

BDT 58,000.00BDT 67,000.00
Phantom blackCreamGreenLavenderGrayWhitePink

SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

BDT 106,000.00BDT 124,500.00
Phantom blackPhantom silverPhantom green

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G- 12GB & 256GB | Call For Latest Price ( 01842522796 , 01684473821)

BDT 115,000.00BDT 121,000.00
7 days guarantee 1 year service (no parts).6 months samsung warranty claim support

Samsung’s unique and reliable features justify the high Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh. Among all other Android smartphone producers, Samsung has the best build quality, especially at higher price points. The Samsung Galaxy contains a wireless charging coil that enables the charging of additional Galaxy accessories and gadgets. You can make any GIF you want with it. You only need the Smart Select software and a Galaxy phone that was released in 2017 or later. Read more to know what else the Galaxy can do.

Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh depends on the series. Samsung offers four different series. The latest S23 Ultra from the S series costs BDT 93,500.00–BDT 162,000.00. The most expensive set till now is the Z Fold 5 costing BDT 133,500-BDT 231,248. The exact price will depend on the storage and network system.

The camera on Samsung smartphones is one of the key selling points. The human brain can't remember a particular memory forever in detail. So the camera on your phone is quite important. Numerous camera setups are available for Samsung Galaxy handsets. Even the most inexperienced photographer can employ them to take stunning pictures.

Director's Mode is another feature of the newest Samsung smartphones. You may record concurrently with the rear and selfie cameras and switch between lenses easily. Additionally, the Galaxy S23 Ultra offers the highest resolution camera, allowing you to take pictures and videos with unmatched clarity.

The ecosystem of Samsung is also another benefit. Samsung offers a wide selection of wireless earphones and smartwatches. They all integrate seamlessly with the Galaxy ecosystem.

Last but not least, the Samsung SmartThings platform enables Galaxy users to access all notifications on a single device and directly manage everything from the TV to the thermostat. Ring video doorbells, Google Home and Amazon Echo, Philips Hue lightbulbs, Yale and Schlage connected locks, Honeywell thermostats, and Bose speakers are just a few products that work with SmartThings.

Best Display Technology in Any Android Phone

Samsung phones provide the best-featured displays at affordable prices in Bangladesh. Samsung's smartphones use a sophisticated display technology called AMOLED. Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes, sometimes known as AMOLEDs, are a subset of OLED screen technology. AMOLED screens offer improved photo quality and vibrant color reproduction. They are the greatest option for next-generation smartphones because they use less power.

Samsung's smartphones have different types of AMOLED displays including; Super AMOLED and Dynamic AMOLED.

Super AMOLED display

Super AMOLED seamlessly integrates the touch screen with the display. It contrasts at an astonishing 100,000:1 ratio. It features a smaller design, a more vibrant display, a responsive screen, and a great viewing experience. Whether you're browsing the web, playing your favorite game, or streaming the newest boxset, Super AMOLED displays will intelligently adjust to various situations to continually give great visual quality.

Take advantage of the Super AMOLED display with the Samsung Galaxy M34, Galaxy A54, S20 FE 5G, Galaxy A53 5G, and Galaxy A33 5G.

Dynamic AMOLED Display

It is a Super AMOLED panel with enhanced HDR10+ certification for significantly more brightness, color, and contrast. Regardless of the various brightness levels, you will always see brilliant colors. Dynamic AMOLED screens significantly cut down the harmful blue light that cell phone screens emit.

The Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note10, Note10+ 5G, and Galaxy Z Flip 5G all feature stunning Dynamic AMOLED technology.

Dynamic AMOLED 2X Display

Dynamic AMOLED 2X is the most recent and advanced generation of Dynamic AMOLED technology. Dynamic Tone Mapping enhances color and contrast to provide a DCI-P3 color gamut that is 100% correct. The “2X” refers to the increased Hz, from 60 to an astonishing 120Hz. It ensures incredibly smooth scrolling and quick movements. The amazing Galaxy Z Fold5, Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy S23, and S23+ all have Dynamic AMOLED 2X technology, as do the newest flagship Samsung devices.

Powerful Processors to Carry Out High-end Task

The most recent Galaxy S and Z series are powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 CPU but with a twist. It is a Samsung-exclusive model that outperforms the SD8G2's CPU and GPU. Performance has increased by 35%, while CPU efficiency has increased by 40% over the Gen 1 model.

The updated CPU has been tailored for the AI, gaming, and graphic features found only in the most recent Samsung devices. This modified Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC has a maximum clock speed of 3.36GHz. To enable real-time hardware-accelerated ray-tracing effects while playing video games, a more recent Qualcomm Adreno GPU is also incorporated. The processor is capable of capturing videos in extremely low light, multi-frame noise reduction, and photos with a 200-megapixel resolution.

Additionally, Samsung uses Exynos in some regions. However, they lack the Snapdragon variant's power. Samsung's Exynos CPUs are renowned for their strong performance but may use a little more power than Snapdragon processors. Although both CPUs are used in high-end gadgets, Snapdragon chips are more frequently seen in products made by other manufacturers.

Industry Leading Camera with Updated Features

Samsung's cameras are renowned for their adaptability and variety of features. It provides a variety of photography settings, manual controls, and image editing choices. Samsung frequently highlights great contrast and brilliant colors in its photo processing. It may produce images that appear more bright and punchy. Samsung frequently publishes software upgrades to enhance camera performance.

The “Nightography” or night mode on Samsung Galaxy phones is another feature we truly like. Even in the dark, you can capture colorful, highly optimized images with Night Mode. The innovative AI multi-frame processing makes the pictures sharp by combining 30 images into just one epic shot, optimizing color and detail in every pixel.

Samsung's Galaxy S23 Ultra currently has the best camera. The incredible flagship smartphone from Samsung pushes the boundaries of modern photography. A mind-blowing quad-lens setup on the back includes a 200MP Ultra high-resolution camera, a 12MP Ultra-wide, a 10MP 3x Optical Zoom Telephoto, and a 10MP 10x Optical Zoom Telephoto lens.

Pro-Label Video Recording

You now have more control over how your Samsung smartphone takes videos thanks to the Pro Video mode. A native app for the device has the bonus of being more dependable and compatible. The benefit of choosing Pro Video is, well, more professional-looking videos, even if manual control is typically more difficult than having everything on auto.

White balance, focus, shutter speed, and ISO are the four key camera settings that you may manage with Pro Video. In auto mode, these options are not available. You can change the microphone when filming with the Pro Video feature on your Galaxy phone to get the finest audio quality. With the Multi-source microphone choices, sounds can be recorded coming from several angles.

Large Battery for Day Long Output

You won't travel very far with a smartphone that doesn't have a strong battery life, regardless of how powerful it is. A portable charger can be helpful. But it's an extra hassle, isn't it? Samsung has gone above and beyond to show that a high-end smartphone can have all the bells and whistles and yet obtain a full day of battery life from a single charge.

The usage of your phone, your age, and the environment all have an impact on how long a smartphone's battery lasts. The capacity of your battery has the most impact on how long it can last. Size counts when it comes to having the best phone battery life. Look for smartphones with the most mAh, such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy A54 5G, Galaxy A34 5G, and Galaxy Z Fold5, if you want the device with the longest battery life.

Enable Wireless Charging

Your charging cables might quickly become a tangled mess. Thankfully, Samsung has solutions for you in the form of wireless charging. Depending on your demands, Samsung offers many wireless charger models. For instance, the Wireless Charger Trio enables you to simultaneously charge up to three Galaxy products, such as the Galaxy Watch or headphones. You won't typically need to take the phone's case or cover off. You can still use your phone while it's charging. With PowerShare, you can use your Galaxy phone to charge a compatible phone, smartwatch, or a pair of earbuds.

Water & Dust Resistance

Having a sturdy mobile device can give you peace of mind whether you enjoy hiking or live in a busy city. If you own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, it comes with water, dirt, and grime protection. An IP rating, often known as an Ingress Protection rating, is a widely acknowledged assessment of dust and liquid resistance. Except for the Galaxy Z series, almost all recent Galaxy phones have an IP rating of 68. It will operate normally even after being submerged in fresh water for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 1.5 meters; the ideal temperature range is between 15 and 35 degrees Celsius. For water resistance, the Galaxy Z series has an IPX8 grade. Remember that no IP-rated device gives you protection against saltwater at the beach.

5G Connectivity

Galaxy 5G smartphones provide a next-generation connection, allowing you to orchestrate everything like a symphony. You can multitask effortlessly, have clear HD video chats, and have seamless connectivity to your tablet, headphones, fridge, and even range. You can choose from dozens of distinctive 5G devices with Galaxy 5G - 5G that flips and folds, 5G that stuns, and 5G that stays in your budget. They're all right here. Samsung 5G smartphones can give you the speed and connectivity you need to stay up with everything from visiting new stores in the metaverse to meeting friends at virtual concerts.

Other Remarkable Features of Samsung Phones

All of the above features sound outstanding, don't they? However, Samsung Galaxy mobile price in Bangladesh offers much more than that. 

Samsung DeX

With a monitor or smart TV connection, a keyboard, and a mouse, DeX enables your Galaxy smartphone to run in a desktop environment. Starting with the Galaxy S8, this capability is accessible on Samsung's top-tier mobile smartphones.


Multi-Active Window mode has been available on Samsung devices since the Galaxy Note II. App Pairs are combinations of programs you regularly use together on the Galaxy Z Fold5, such as Spotify and Samsung Health or Office and email. The Pop-Up View feature on the S23 range enables you to place a secondary app over a main app as a floating window.

Knox Security

Samsung Knox offers a broad range of security capabilities at both the hardware and software levels. Knox Vault helps you securely store your most sensitive data under lock and key by fusing tamper-resistant Secure Memory with a Secure Processor. It protects data like PINs, passwords, biometrics, authentication keys, Samsung Pass, and more.

Advanced Biometric Protection

Ultrasonic fingerprint ID creates a 3D image of your fingertip using a unique in-display sensor. Compared to conventional capacitive sensors, it offers more precision. Most Galaxy smartphones also feature facial recognition.

Samsung Health

You can keep track of your exercise objectives, track your diet, and even practice meditation using the Samsung Health app. The app allows you to view videos hosted by professional coaches, arrange challenges for friends and family to compete in, and learn how to exercise at home. 

Latest Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh

Curious about the Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh? Samsung has four series available. The Galaxy S, which has the quickest chip and finest camera, is the most expensive. You can get power and speed from the Galaxy M at a reasonable price. The Galaxy A series is Samsung's fantastic line of smartphones noted for being durable, inexpensive, and innovative all at the same time. Last but not least, The Z series transforms the way flip phones are thought of. Check this list of Samsung's latest mobile prices in Bangladesh.

Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh



Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

BDT 155,000

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

BDT 108,000

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G

BDT 93,500

Samsung Galaxy S23+(Plus) 5G

BDT 83,000

Samsung Galaxy S23 5G

BDT 69,000

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4

BDT 142,000

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

BDT 66,000

Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G

BDT 68,000

Samsung Galaxy S22 5G

BDT 59,500

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G

BDT 62,000

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (12 GB RAM & 256 GB)

BDT 91,000

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (8 GB & 256 GB)

BDT 66,000

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (12 GB & 256 GB)

BDT 69,000

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (8 GB & 256 GB)

BDT 57,000

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Which Samsung Phone Is Best to Buy?

If you want the premium feel, then you must consider the latest S23 Ultra. Galaxy A54 5G is the more affordable option. But it still has some of the best features.

Which Series Is Best in Samsung A, M, or S?

The Galaxy A series is a terrific choice if you want a device that strikes a balance between functionality and cost. The Galaxy M series offers respectable performance for consumers on a tight budget without breaking the bank. The Galaxy S series provides a premium flagship experience for those who are ready to spend more money and who want the best features and cutting-edge technology.

Which Is Samsung's Best Camera Phone?

Samsung's amazing flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra, challenges the limits of contemporary photography. On the back, there is an amazing quad-lens configuration with a mind-blowing 200MP Ultra high-resolution camera, a 12MP Ultra-wide, a 10MP 3x Optical Zoom Telephoto, and a 10MP 10x Optical Zoom Telephoto lens.

Which Samsung Phone Is Waterproof?

Most Samsung phones are water-resistant, not waterproof. If your phone has IP68 ratings, then you can submerge them in water for at least 30 minutes.

Which Samsung Has a Strong Battery?

The S23 Ultra currently offers the longest battery life. Nevertheless, it retains the 5,000mAh battery capacity of the prior design. However, the Snapdragon 8 Gen chip changed the game. It excelled in many tests, holding up for more than 39 hours of voice talks. It can withstand more than 23 hours of offline movie playback and more than 21 hours of Wi-Fi web surfing.