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NEW Apple Watch Ultra Titanium Case with Ocean Band | Apple International Warranty (Claim support)

BDT 83,000.00BDT 92,000.00
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NEW Apple Watch Series 8 - Aluminum Case with Sport Band | Apple International Warranty (Claim support)

BDT 0.00BDT 50,500.00
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NEW Apple Watch SE 2022 | Apple International Warranty (Claim support)

BDT 0.00BDT 34,500.00
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A smartwatch is unquestionably something to think about, whether you are a fitness enthusiast, a busy professional, or just someone who enjoys new technology. Smartwatch price in Bangladesh varies between 1,900৳ to 92,000৳. There are various models available for less than $1,900. However, they are lacking in features. It's a great method to keep connected and organized, plus it also has a cool design! Read further to understand what else these smartwatches have to offer.

Smartwatch Price in Bangladesh

Smartwatches offer amazing features that make it worth the smartwatch price in Bangladesh. A strong and flexible display is crucial for any device, including watches and phones. AMOLED, E-Ink, LCD, and their variations are among the display options for smartwatches. The pricing has an impact on the display's quality as well. The majority of smartwatch manufacturers, including Amazfit, Xiaomi, Fastrack, Fire Boltt, Timex Fit, etc., use AMOLED displays because they are lightweight, flexible, and have vibrant colors. However, Apple employs Flexible OLED displays with a 42mm size, ideal portrait style ratio, and metal bezel.

Smartwatches are frequently used to check notifications while you are away from your phone. You can quickly check notifications even when exercising or traveling.

One of the most durable qualities for wet weather is waterproofing. Because they are waterproof, smart watches frequently function actively when worn while traveling, taking a shower, or swimming. Different waterproof smart watches from companies like Xiaomi, Colmi, Havit, and Mibro will be available in 2023 at affordable costs.

Different applications are launched by brands to improve the smartwatch's usefulness and reputation. The operating systems that the programs support vary. Wear OS is the operating system used by Android-based smartwatches. Apple Watches use Apple Watch OS, and Xiaomi smartwatches use MIUI Watch OS.

The typical battery life of a smartwatch is 12–48 hours. While the Fitbit, Garmin Fenix 7, Venu 2 Plus, or Forerunner 965 have the greatest battery life (6 to 23 days), they are not the most energy-efficient watches.

Not Just a Time Teller

Have you ever thought about why the smartwatch price in BD is higher than traditional watches? Because smartwatches are not just time tellers. Without having to take out your smartphone, smartwatches make it easy to check notifications, make calls, and send messages. A lot of smartwatches have sensors that monitor your physical activity, including step count, heart rate, and calories burned. This can assist you in keeping track of your fitness objectives and advancement. By enabling you to create reminders and alarms as well as offering calendar and schedule information, it can help you manage your time more successfully. It frequently includes GPS tracking, which is particularly helpful when navigating new areas. You can operate your watch and any linked devices with voice commands thanks to the voice assistants included in many smartwatches, such as Siri or Google Assistant, which eliminates the need for manual operation.

You can keep track of your fitness and health with features like activity tracking, heart rate monitoring, and sleep tracking without working up a sweat. You won't miss a beat thanks to smartphone notifications that are shown right on your wrist. They can help you stay on top of your game and are both practical and fashionable.

Fitness Coach that Fits on Your Wrist

Smartwatches have become more popular than regular watches. The main reason behind it is the health benefits. Along with the Apple Watch, several other smartwatches provide great features that might improve your health. Many smartwatches have blood oxygen meters, temperature sensors, fall detection, crash detection, etc. As an emergency contact for a loved one, save your phone number. Their Apple Watch will contact you if something weird occurs, such as a fall, a lack of responsiveness, a car accident, etc. It will also notify nearby authorities.

Attend Calls & Notifications without Hands in Pocket

You can now make phone calls on smartwatches in addition to seeing your push notifications. People prefer to use the call feature on their smartwatches because they don't always carry their phones in their pockets. This makes using the wristwatch to answer calls simpler than before. If you desire this convenience, spend your money on a smartwatch that has a chat feature. Hands-free calling is a feature that several smartwatches provide, such as the Noise Pulse 2, Honor Magic Watch 2, etc.

GPS Navigation - Get Lost Anywhere

Your smartwatch's GPS functionality is essential for tracking your fitness. If you run to stay in shape, your watch can track the distance, speed, and pace. Your smartwatch's precise stats will enable you to increase your running efficiency. Many users like competing against themselves to increase their speed and distance. You can give your kid a smartwatch to know where they are during the day. To ensure their security, you can follow their movements in real-time. Some gadgets even allow you to install “geo-fences,” which notify you whenever your children leave a defined secure location, like school, and give you notifications.

Control or Change What You Hear

Want to enjoy some music or podcasts while exercising? You can now use your smartwatch to control them. You don't need to constantly take your phone out of your pocket. You don't need an additional headset if the watch has a speaker. If not, you must pair your watch with a Bluetooth headset. It will depend on the supported services and the OS of your watch. Some will provide users the option of downloading playlists for offline playback or using onboard music storage. You could even be able to stream music directly to your wrist if your smartwatch has LTE.

Additionally, your smartwatch enables you to accept or reject calls. You must first pair your watch with your smartphone using Bluetooth. Only cellular smartwatches can receive calls directly to the watch. If the caller is someone you have on your contact list, the watch will show their name.

Control Over Voice Command

Having Siri or Google Assistant on your smartwatch is a terrific feature. You can find information by following vocal instructions. You must first enable the feature. You can use your assistant to ask queries like “What's the weather like today?” and “When is my next appointment?” You can also instruct your smartwatch to perform a certain action. Examples include “play music,” “stop music,” “track my run,” calculations, word definitions, translation, etc. Additionally, voice assistants allow you to place a call.

App Ecosystem to Enhance Your Capability

When you own several Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch, AirPods, and Apple TV, you gain access to the Apple Ecosystem. It is a user and lifestyle experience. Because of how Apple devices interact, certain capabilities accessible to them improve your user experience.

Apple can create the ecosystem because it doesn't base its designs on a certain kind of device. They use ecology as a basis for product design. One of the most important features of the Apple ecosystem is the ability to manage all devices from a single hub. When you use more than two Apple products, the benefits of the Apple ecosystem become more apparent. It's really simple to sync files, images, and data. As long as you are logged in with the same Apple ID, the information regarding the apps you use will be available on all devices.

Smart Contactless Payment

If you want to use your Smartwatch for payment, you should think about its NFC and integrated LTE functions. You can use the watch's NFC connection to make purchases at wireless POS (Point of Sale) terminals by saving your bank card information on it. Choose a smartwatch with AT&T NumberSync and Verzion NumeberShare when making your selection. You can use the same number on both your phone and watch.

Water & Dust Resistance for Best Use

Waterproof smartwatches will be a favorite if you enjoy running in the rain or dancing about whenever it pours. There is a considerable probability that you will be surrounded by dust particles if you enjoy going on adventures. A smartwatch's specifications will frequently have IPXX (numbers in place of XX). To put it simply, the first X stands for resistance to dust, and the second X stands for water resistance. A device's resistance to elements like water or dust is measured by its IP rating, which is represented by a number. A variety of waterproof smartwatches will be available in 2023 from brands like Xiaomi, Colmi, Havit, and Mibro.

Changeable Watch Faces

You can choose a smartwatch that matches your unique style from several designs and hues. Additionally, you may alter the watch face with various designs and choose from a variety of watch bands to go with your attire or mood.

It's crucial to initially comprehend the features and usage of a smartwatch to get the most out of it. Don't worry if you're new to the world of smartwatches; they're simple to use! You only need to sync it with your phone, personalize the watch face, and you're good to go. Additionally, there is always something new to learn because of the numerous apps and functionalities, including GPS navigation and fitness tracking.

Latest Smartwatch Price in Bangladesh

How much the smartwatch price in Bangladesh depends on many factors - smartwatch’s features, brand, demand, dollar rate, etc. Nearly every brand has recently debuted new features pertaining to one's health and fitness. The cost of the watch can differ based on the availability of specific standout features, such as a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, pedometer, and so on. In Bangladesh, different vendors provide varied prices. Nevertheless, you can use this price list as a general guide.

Smartwatch Price in BD



Havit M90 Fashion Sports Smartwatch


Apple Watch SE Space Gray Aluminum Case with Black Sport Band

30,999৳ - 37,000৳

Apple Watch Ultra Titanium Case with Trail Loop 49 mm

90,500৳ - 92,000৳

Apple Watch Ultra Titanium Case with Ocean Band 49 mm

89,000৳ - 92,000৳

Apple Watch Ultra Titanium Case with Alpine Loop 49 mm

87,000৳ - 92,000৳

Apple Watch Series 8 Aluminum Case with Sport Band


Xiaomi IMILAB W01 Fitness Smartwatch


Xiaomi Haylou Solar Lite Smartwatch with Sp02


COLMI P28 Plus Calling Smartwatch


boAt Storm Pro Call Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch


Amazfit GTR 3 Pro Smartwatch


Huawei GT 2 Classic Smartwatch (B19)


boAt Wave Call Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch


Haylou RS4 Plus Smart Watch


boAt Wave Beat 1.69" HD Display Smartwatch


Imilab IMIKI SE1 Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch


Imilab IMIKI SF1E Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch


Popular Smartwatch Brands in BD

There is a huge selection of smartwatches in Bangladesh. Apple, Amazfit, Fitbit, Xiaomi, COLMI, Microwear, and Huawei are the most popular smartwatch brands. Let's say you want a smartwatch for daily use that is affordable. The top smartwatches, like the OnePlus, DT001, Microwear W97, Microwear 007, and Colmi P28 Plus, are available for under 2000 BDT and have all the necessary functions. Xiaomi, COLMI, Havit, Xingyun, and XTRA are available for less than 3000 BDT. Smartwatches with unique fertility tracking, sleep tracking, health and fitness tracking, and ECG Monitor capabilities include the Apple Watch Series 8, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Google Pixel Watch, and Fitbit Sense 2. These are some of the best high-end smartwatches.

How to Choose the Best Smartwatch in BD for You

Smartwatch provides you with excellent mobility. You will get the control center on your wrist. However, one question will certainly arise in your head here: Which smartwatch characteristics should you take into account when purchasing one? We did our best to respond to this query.


Never purchase a smartwatch before making sure it is compatible with your smartphone. Not all watches are compatible with all smartphone models. For instance, Apple Watches are compatible with iPhones exclusively. The top Fitbits, such as the Fitbit Versa 3 and Versa 2, are compatible with both iPhones and a variety of Android phones.


The majority of smartwatches include an AMOLED or colorful LCD. It is brighter and allows you to view images, apps, and other materials in richer colors. More expensive smartwatches use clear OLED displays rather than LCDs to enable thinner designs. In 2013, Samsung produced the Galaxy Gear, the first-ever OLED smartwatch. Apple created its first OLED display to make the first-generation Apple Watch as tiny as feasible.

Battery Life

One to two days is usually the average battery life for smartwatches with color screens. Therefore, you should think about how frequently you're willing to keep your watch plugged in. When used as phones, watches with voice functionality won't last nearly as long, but that is to be expected. Smartwatches typically use wireless charging.

Changeable watch bands

It is not an essential point. However, it makes the watch more situation-appropriate. Unlike what it arrived with, your watch will be completely customizable to your preferences. Make sure the clasp or buckle on the watch band is simple to use and quick to switch out. Additionally, verify that it will be easy for you to locate replacement bands.

Touchscreen Vs. Touchless

Having either of them is acceptable because it is a matter of preference. A few smartwatches have physical controls, so their screens won't respond to touches. Although touchscreen Smartwatches are undoubtedly user-friendly, using fingers on a small screen can occasionally be bothersome. However, touchscreens are more practical if you use your watch for a lot of physical activity.

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