Apple iPad

Brand New Apple iPad Air 5 (10.9 inch) 2022 model | With Apple International Warranty (Claim Support)

BDT 60,000.00BDT 110,500.00
If offer on any color/variant or 2-3 days deliveryBluePurpleSpace grayPinkStarlight

Brand New Apple iPad Mini 6, 2021 model with Apple International Warranty

BDT 0.00BDT 101,000.00
If offer on any color/variant or 2-3 days deliverySpace grayStarlightPurplePink

New Apple iPad 10.9-inch 2022, 10th Generation - With Apple International Warranty (Claim support)

BDT 0.00BDT 76,000.00
2-3 days deliveryBluePinkSilverYellowIf offer on any color/variant or 2-3 days delivery

Apple iPads are one of the famous products of Apple Inc. You can check Custom Mac BD for iPad prices in Bangladesh. The iPad may not be affordable for everyone. However, the features they offer make the cost worthwhile. A notable one is their potent processor. They all perform at their peak levels, whether they are M-series or A-series bionic chips. Additionally, they offer several solutions in a variety of price ranges. Read on to learn more about what an iPad has to offer.

Apple iPad Price in Bangladesh

iPad price in Bangladesh varies depending on the model. Apple now offers 4 series of iPads. Each series has special qualities for certain users. 

Apple iPad

Apple's tried-and-true tablet, the base model iPads are the best budget options. They are less costly than iPad Pros. That does not lessen how awesome iPad is. The lightweight form factor offers the same functions as the more expensive Pro and Air devices. iPad price in BD is between BDT 57,000 and BDT 75,000.

Apple iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is the top-tier iPad line from Apple. The iPad Pro is available in two sizes: 12.9" and 11". The iPad Pro operates better than any other tablet on the market thanks to Apple's most recent M2 series chip. With the Apple Magic Folio or Apple Smart keyboard, your iPad Pro transforms into a MacBook in a matter of seconds.

Apple iPad Air

The most popular series of iPads is iPad Air. For the best price, it's the ideal iPad for students in any subject. The 10.9" iPad Air, which combines the greatest features of the iPad Pro and iPad Mini, is a total breakdown. With its unified memory, the M1 series CPU SoC provides a subtle performance for the most recent iPadOS. 

Apple iPad Mini

You can improve yourself by choosing the iPad Mini series. Your personality and sense of time are complemented by the modest 8.3-inch size and stylish slender design. Put it in your pocket or read the morning paper while drinking coffee on your iPad Mini. Presentation, a customized workspace, and increased productivity are all wonderful uses for the iPad Mini.

Latest iPad Variations & Their Price in Bangladesh

Apple tab price in Bangladesh varies depending on the model. Here, we'll discuss the most recent iPad iterations. Check out if you’re wondering which one will be the best option for you.

Apple iPad Pro M2

11 inch: BDT 99,000 - BDT 171,000

12.9 inch: BDT 119,000 - BDT 295,000

The 2022 variants of the iPad Pro have M2, Apple's most recent silicon chip. The M2 chip's 8-core CPU is up to 15% quicker than the M1 chip's CPU. The improvements it offers benefit both the performance and efficiency cores. A 10-core GPU on the M2 CPU provides up to 35% higher graphics performance than the M1 microprocessor.

Apple iPad Air 5 

BDT 66,500.00–BDT 108,999.00

The iPad Air's 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display has 3.8 million pixels overall and a resolution of 2360 by 1640 at 264 pixels per inch. True Tone adjusts the display's white balance to match the ambient lighting to make the screen easier on the eyes. Since the color of the iPad's display is warmer than the lighting in the room, there isn't a stark contrast between the colors of the two, even if you're in a room with yellower lighting.

Apple iPad 10th Generation

BDT 57,000–BDT 75,000

The iPad boasts a strong A14 processor. The A14 chip offers a 20% boost in CPU performance and a 10% improvement in GPU performance over the A13 processor from the previous iteration. There is also a 16-core Neural Engine that does machine learning at an 80% higher rate than the A13 and has twice as many cores.

Apple iPad Mini 6

BDT 55,000 - BDT 99,000

The iPad Mini lacks the M series processor, much as the iPad model. The iPad Mini 6 has the same 6-core A15 chipset as the iPhone 13 versions. The iPad Mini 6 performs single-core operations up to 40% faster and multicore workloads up to 70% faster than the iPad Mini 5, which has an A12 CPU.

Apple iPadOS for Your Smoothest Feelings

With a variety of tools, iPadOS 16 increases the capability of your iPad. With it, Apple offers strong features that raise tablets to levels of adaptability and usability that are almost comparable to laptops. The integration of new iOS-related functionality greatly improves the ecosystem. Until M1-exclusive features launch later this year, iPads from 2018 and earlier get enhancements that are comparatively uniform. The Stage Manager feature, which focuses on productivity, is unpolished. A later this year update may bring about changes. However, you shouldn't let that prevent you from appreciating the rest of what this fantastic OS has to offer.

Seamless Multitasking

You can use multitasking on the iPadOS to use many apps at once. Multitasking apps can be applied in a variety of contexts.

Split View: Two apps are displayed side by side in this mode. By using the slider that appears between them, you can resize the apps.

Slide Over: One program appears in a smaller floating window, which you can move to your screen's left or right side.

Center window: You can focus on a particular item, like an email or a note, in some programs by opening the center window.

Ensure Power & Performance

For the iPad, Apple employs both M series and A series chips. A lot of people love the M2 and M1 chips for the Mac line. It gives the iPads exceptional performance. However, this does not imply that the A chips are inferior or unable to perform contemporary applications.

The M-series chips are superior to the A-series for a good reason, though. Only the M2 or M1 iPads will be compatible with some of the best iPadOS 16 features. These include features such as Stage Manager, a new utility for managing your windows.

However, the A15 will be comfortably quick enough for most users in the middle and long term. Even the 2020-dated A14 and the 2019-released A13 Bionic run today's apps flawlessly.

Easily Edit 4K Videos

Apple made the best tablets for editing videos. When it comes to delivering smooth fast editing, color grading, and video rendering, no other manufacturer can compete with the iPad. As long as one of the clips in your project was initially captured in one of these formats, you can work with 4k and 60 frames per second (fps) video in iMovie on the iPad. On iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and later gadgets, you can capture, edit, and share 4k videos.

High-Quality Mics & Landscape Stereo Speakers

Stereo speakers have two speakers that are combined into one. The speakers on the iPad's earlier iterations were symmetrically positioned across the USB connector on one side. That doesn't do much to provide stereo sound. The first device that positions them correctly is the Apple iPad Mini (2021). It has a speaker on each short side. Each speaker has two grilles and produces a remarkably rich sound.

The iPad has excellent audio quality with strong bass, clear vocals, and pleasant high tones. The microphones and cameras are made to operate together seamlessly so that background noise is kept to a minimum while the audio from the camera in use is captured.

12MP Back Camera with Scanner

Along with its two primary cameras, the iPad Pro also has a LiDAR scanner. It measures the separation between the iPad Pro and nearby objects up to a distance of five meters (16.4 feet), both indoors and outside. At nanosecond speeds, measurements are made at the photon level.

Depth frameworks create a more thorough picture of a scene by combining information from the two cameras, motion sensors, and depth points recorded by the LiDAR Scanner. Instant AR placement, enhanced motion capture, and person occlusion are all made possible.

Watch, Learn & Level Up with True Tone Technology

The iPad Pro included Apple's True Tone technology for the first time in 2016. Sensors that measure the color and brightness of ambient light are present in devices using True Tone technology. The iPad then automatically adjusts its display using this data. As a result, it can adjust white points and illumination dependent on the ambient lighting to produce the proper shades of white in every situation. Devices with True Tone are easier to read in bright sunshine, slightly enhancing their usability.

Immersive AR Experience

Now that we have the best-augmented reality experience, learning will be more enjoyable. Apple hardware and software are jointly developed for the greatest possible AR experience. Users can create exciting and lifelike augmented reality experiences by utilizing cutting-edge developer tools, original machine learning, gorgeous screens, motion sensors, and potent graphics processors. You can utilize AR Quick Look to explore augmented reality in a range of apps and web browsers, including Mail, Messages, Files, and Safari because iOS and iPadOS already support it.

Available Apple iPad Prices in Bangladesh

Various dealers provide different iPad price in Bangladesh. However, you can use this list of prices as a general reference.

Apple iPad Price in Bangladesh


iPad Air
Apple iPad Air 4 (10.9 inch) 2020 64 GB Wi-Fi
BDT 72,000
iPad Air 4 (10.9 inch) 2020 64 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular
BDT 82,000
iPad Air 4 (10.9 inch) 2020 256 GB Wi-Fi
BDT 83,000
Air 4 (10.9 inch) 2020 256 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular
BDT 92,000
iPad Air 5 (10.9 inch) 2022 64 GB Wi-Fi
BDT 67,500
iPad Air 5 (10.9 inch) 2022 64 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular
BDT 82,000
iPad Air 5 (10.9 inch) 2022 256 GB Wi-Fi
BDT 89,999
Air 5 (10.9 inch) 2022 256 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular
BDT 105,000
iPad Pro
iPad Pro M2 Chip 11-inch 2022
BDT 171,000
iPad Pro M2 Chip 12.9-inch 2022
BDT 175,000
iPad Pro M1 12.9-inch 2021
BDT 168,000
iPad Pro M1 11-inch 2021
BDT 92,000–BDT 165,000
Apple iPad Pro 2020 11" 128 GB Wi-Fi
BDT 78,000-BDT 89,000
iPad Pro 2020 11" 128 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular
BDT 96,000-BDT 107,000
iPad Pro 2020 11” 256 GB Wi-Fi
BDT 80,000-BDT 105,000
iPad Pro 2020 11" 256 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular
BDT 110,000-BDT 119,000
iPad Pro 2020 11" 512 GB Wi-Fi
BDT 90,000-BDT 125,000
iPad Pro 2020 11" 512 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular
BDT 130,000
Pad Pro 2020 12.9” 128 GB Wi-Fi
BDT 102,000-BDT 114,000
iPad Pro 2020 12.9” 128 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular
BDT 113,000
iPad Pro 2020 12.9” 256 GB Wi-Fi
BDT 108,000-BDT 112,000
iPad Pro 2020 12.9” 256 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular
BDT 110,000-BDT 139,000
iPad Pro 2020 12.9” 512 GB Wi-Fi
BDT 125,000
iPad Pro 2020 12.9” 512 GB Wi-Fi + Cellular
BDT 126,000
iPad Mini
iPad Mini 5 (2019) 7.9” Wi-Fi 256 GB
BDT 51,000–BDT 56,000
iPad Mini 5 (2019) 7.9” Wi-Fi+Cellular 256 GB
BDT 64,000-BDT 74,000
iPad Mini 5 (2019) 7.9” Wi-Fi 64 GB
BDT 38,000–BDT 40,000
iPad Mini 5 (2019) 7.9” Wi-Fi + Cellular 64 GB
BDT 50,000–BDT 55,000
iPad Mini 6, 2021
BDT 55,000–BDT 99,000
iPad 10.2-inch 2020 (8th Generation)
BDT 37,000–BDT 48,000
iPad 10.9-inch 2022, 10th Generation
BDT 75,000
iPad 10.2-inch 2021, 9th Generation
BDT 37,500–BDT 73,000

Apple iPad Air Vs iPad Pro - Which One to Choose?

Apple tab price in Bangladesh can be different for iPad Pro and Air. iPad Pro costs more than iPad Air. Pro has more advanced features. But both of them are great depending on your needs. Read more and decide which one is perfect for you - iPad Air or iPad Pro.
The weight and screen size of these models are where there are significant variances. There are two sizes available for the iPad Pro: 11" and 12.9”. The size of the iPad Air is 10.9.
The iPad Air offers more color options if color is important to you, including space gray, starlight, pink, purple, and blue. Only space gray and silver are offered for the iPad Pro, which are more sober hues consistent with the device's “professional” appearance.
The iPhone is always technologically ahead of the iPad. A single 12-megapixel camera with a respectably wide f/1.8 aperture is available on the iPad Air. Although it works well for recording videos, this is not a device for photography.
Ironically, the larger, heavier iPad Pro series (both sizes) performs significantly better. These tablets have a 12-megapixel primary lens and a second, 10-megapixel ultra-wide lens.
Choose the 11-inch iPad Pro, which finds a mix between price and performance, if you want more storage and more features. Or, for the least expensive way to get that much storage on a potent iPad, consider the 256 GB iPad Air.

How to Choose a New iPad at the Best Price in Bangladesh

Apple offers a variety of iPad models. What should you think about while choosing which iPad to buy when you have so many options? We'll go over every aspect that could influence your choice.
The first one will always be money. It will be simpler to determine if you know how much money you want to spend. Apple sells the iPad for a range of prices. The iPad 10.2-inch 2021, 9th Generation, for instance, is one of the more affordable models (BDT 37,500.00). One of the priciest models is the New Apple iPad Pro M2 Chip 12.9-inch 2022, which costs BDT 175,000.0.
Screen Size
Obviously, a larger screen is preferable for immersive entertainment. It makes watching movies or playing video games a richer, more pleasurable experience. But a smaller screen offers better portability and an affordable price. So, choose what fits you better.
The storage capacity of an iPad ranges from 64 GB to 2 TB. You cannot upgrade the storage capacity of an iPad later. The storage you buy will be the upper limit till you get a new iPad. Aim high and invest in as much storage as you can. Spending a few extra BDT today is preferable to purchasing a brand-new iPad in six months.
The M2 and M1 CPUs deliver excellent performance on iPads. A- chips also perform like a beast. But only the M2 or M1 iPads will be compatible with some of the best iPadOS 16 features. These comprise tools like Stage Manager, a brand-new window organization tool. 
Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Cellular
Cellular access is a luxury for the majority of people. But for some individuals, it can be a fantastic solution. While not connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can use linked apps, access the web, and send and receive email. It can be worth the extra money if you frequently travel to places where Wi-Fi is inconsistent.

Custom Mac BD for the Best Apple iPad Price in Bangladesh

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How Much Is iPad in Bangladesh?

Apple iPad price in Bangladesh may vary from BDT 37,500 to BDT 1,75,000. The exact cost of an iPad varies on its model, connectivity, capacity, and state. You can buy authentic Apple products from Custom Mac BD.

What is the Price of iPad 9th Generation 128 GB in Bangladesh?

Apple does not provide the iPad 9th Generation with a 128 GB storage option. It comes in 64 GB and 256 GB capacities. The 64 GB version costs BDT 39,000 (Wi-Fi) and BDT 53,000 (Wi-Fi + Cellular) to purchase. 256 GB model costs BDT 56,000 for Wi-Fi and BDT 70, 000 for Wi-Fi + Cellular.

Which is the Best iPad Apple?

The most recent M2-chipped iPad Pro, which will be available in 11-inch and 12.9-inch variants, is the quickest, most potent iPad to date. It will be introduced in October 2022. It has Wi-Fi 6E and brand-new Apple Pencil hover functions, both of which we adore. A super-tablet that might replace laptops could be created by combining these factors with lightning-fast upload and download rates.

Will an iPad Last 10 Years?

An iPad can theoretically last for more than ten years. However, after five years, its functionality and battery life may start to deteriorate. It depends on elements like software upgrades, hardware conditions, and usage patterns. Apple typically only offers 7 years of iPad support. You won't be able to update to the most recent iOS after that.

Is an iPad Better Than an iPhone?

It’ll depend on the user’s need. The iPad is the best option if you need to finish work-related tasks and prefer larger screens or longer battery life. The iPhone is the best choice if you require a little phone with a strong camera. However, deciding between the two gadgets ultimately boils down to personal tastes, demands, and financial constraints.