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Laptop Price in Bangladesh 2023 – Lowest to Highest & Most Popular Laptop Brands

The prices of laptops have recently increased globally, leading to significant changes in laptop prices in Bangladesh. In today's digital world, where gadgets and devices have become essential, laptops have become the preferred choice for work, study, and design. People in Bangladesh are increasingly interested in knowing about laptop prices, with Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, and Lenovo being among the most popular laptop brands. In this article, we will discuss laptop prices in Bangladesh and their range, starting from the lowest price to the highest.

Most Popular Laptop Brands in Bangladesh

As the world becomes more digitally connected, laptops have become a crucial device in our lives. While there are numerous laptop brands, some stand out from the rest. Apple, HP, Dell, and MSI are among the popular laptop brands globally. In Bangladesh, popular laptop brands vary based on different price ranges, including reasonable, medium, and high price categories. Asus, HP, Dell, Acer, and Lenovo are some common favorites in Bangladesh. Although Apple's MacBooks are widely admired worldwide, they are considered less popular in Bangladesh due to their higher price range.

Laptop Price in Bangladesh

The price of laptops in Bangladesh starts from 62,000 BDT and goes up to 6,95,000 BDT, depending on the exchange rate and availability. Generally, there are three price ranges: lowest, middle, and highest. In the lowest range, prices start from around 38,000 BDT and go up to 70,000 BDT. The mid-price range starts from 70,000 BDT and goes up to 99,000 BDT. The highest price range starts from around 1,00,000 BDT, primarily for customized models of Apple MacBooks. It is important to note that price ranges also vary based on different brands. For example, Lenovo and HP laptops have a starting price range of around 39,000 BDT, whereas Acer and Apple laptops are not available in this range. Therefore, it is challenging to determine specific laptop prices in Bangladesh.

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Apple Laptops Price list in Bangladesh

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Lenovo Laptops Latest Price list in Bangladesh

Price of 12th Generation Laptops in Bangladesh

The average price of 12th-generation laptops in Bangladesh is 74,000 BDT start. The price range starts from 74,000 BDT and goes up to 6,80,000 BDT, depending on the brand. For instance, Acer's 12th Generation Laptops start at 75,000 BDT and go up to 3,49,000 BDT. Asus' 12th Generation Laptops start at around 93,000 BDT and go up to 510,000 BDT. Dell's 12th Generation Laptops start at 99,500 BDT and go up to 569,000 BDT. Lastly, Lenovo's 12th Generation Laptops start at 1,06,000 BDT and go up to 289,000 BDT.

Which is the Latest Laptop Generation?

The current latest laptop generation is the 13th generation. Although the 13th-generation processors have been released, laptops with these processors are yet to be available. The performance of the 13th-generation processor in desktop setups has been highly praised, with improved features such as faster loading speeds, support for multiple 4K displays, DDR5 RAM, and Intel Wi-Fi 6E. The price of 13th-generation laptops in Bangladesh is yet to be discussed, but it is expected that they will be well-received by users.

Should You Purchase Now or Wait for the New Generation Laptop?

The decision to purchase a laptop now or wait for the new generation depends on individual needs and urgency. If there is an urgent need for a laptop, it is advisable to make the purchase now, as the release date of the 13th generation is uncertain. However, if the need for a laptop is not immediate and there is flexibility in the budget, waiting for the new generation can be a viable option. Factors such as budget and urgency should be considered when making a decision.

Laptop Past vs Present Price in Bangladesh

The recent global increase in laptop prices has also impacted Bangladesh. In the past, the average price range for Lenovo laptops in Bangladesh was around 75,000 BDT, whereas in 2023, the present price range is around 95,950 BDT. Similarly, the past average price point for Dell laptops in Bangladesh was around 92,250 BDT, which has now increased to 98,500 BDT.

Present vs Future Laptop Price in Bangladesh

In line with the global trend, laptop prices in Bangladesh are expected to increase in the future. Currently, the average price range for Lenovo laptops in Bangladesh is around 75,950 BDT, but it is projected to reach around 98,000 BDT. Similarly, the average price point for Dell laptops in Bangladesh is around 78,500 BDT, with an expected future range of around 77,000 BDT.

How does laptop price decide in Bangladesh?

Several factors influence laptop prices in Bangladesh, including the brand, available options, country policies, taxes, and freight charges. Laptop prices in Bangladesh are primarily affected by the country's policies, as laptops must align with these regulations. Brand differences also play a significant role, considering that laptops are imported into Bangladesh and are subject to taxes. For example, the recent introduction of a 15% value-added tax on imported essential digital devices by the government of Bangladesh has impacted laptop prices. Additionally, demand and supply dynamics influence laptop prices, with higher demand generally resulting in lower prices and vice versa.

Please note that the information provided here is based on the knowledge available up until September 2021, and prices and circumstances may have changed since then.