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Looking for the AirPods Pro price in Bangladesh? Custom Mac BD is the perfect platform to buy authentic Apple products. The AirPods Pro offers unparalleled sound quality, active noise cancellation, and a safe, comfortable fit. These earbuds will redefine your listening experiences with their modern style and simple device pairing. Now you can stay connected to your surroundings while submerging yourself in rich soundscapes. Read furthermore to learn about every function the AirPods Pro has to offer.

Apple AirPods Pro Price in Bangladesh & Specifications

AirPods Pro price in Bangladesh starts from BDT 20,500. The second generation model is available from Custom Mac BD for BDT 26,700. The two prices are vastly different from one another. Because the AirPods Pro 2 has some incredible features. With Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology included in the AirPods Pro 2, you can actively filter out outside noise for a more focused and immersive music experience. But walking on the road in this mode is not safe, right? Press and hold to switch on the transparency mode. It enables you to hear sounds outside without taking off your headphones. With deep bass, clear highs, and a balanced midrange, the AirPods Pro 2 delivers high-fidelity music. The specially developed high excursion drivers provide intense, immersive sound for an improved listening experience. 

Spatial Audio creates a synthetic surround sound effect to give users a theater-like experience. It tracks the movement of your head and the device and adjusts the sound accordingly to create the illusion of 3D audio. With three different-sized silicone ear tips, the AirPods Pro 2 offers a bespoke fit that ensures a snug and pleasant fit. This ensures a custom fit for all-day comfort and enhances noise cancellation.

H2 Chip for More Impressive Sound Quality

Apple AirPods Pro price in BD starts from BDT 20,500. It is higher than the basic models. The reason behind the price difference is mostly the updated H2 chip. All the AirPods' capabilities, such as Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency Mode, and Adaptive EQ, are powered by the H2.

The AirPods' well-known features, such as instant pairing, “Hey Siri” support, fast switching between Apple devices signed in to the same iCloud account, and Audio Sharing, which enables multiple pairs of AirPods to be paired to a single device, are all still supported by the H2 chip.

Redesigned Inward-Facing Microphone

For Active Noise Cancellation, there are two dual beamforming microphones and an internal microphone. Active Noise Cancellation uses a microphone or microphones that face the outside to identify outside sounds. Your AirPods Pro (first or second generation) then use anti-noise to filter out the outside sounds before you even hear them. A microphone that faces inward scans your ear for unwelcome internal noises, which your AirPods Pro or AirPods Max also block with anti-noise.

Custom-Built Driver and Amplifier

For its AirPod Pro models, Apple created its own driver and amplifier. Instead of employing off-the-shelf components, it shows that these parts have been individually created and tuned for the AirPods Pro. The audio quality and characteristics can be controlled more effectively thanks to the bespoke design.

2X More Noise Cancellation

You can experience the improved Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology in the newer models. When compared to the AirPods Pro, version 1, the AirPods Pro 2 can cancel up to twice as much noise.

The AirPods Pro's built-in microphones and Apple's software algorithms are used by ANC to customize the sound for each user's ear. The outward-facing microphone captures outdoor sound, allowing the AirPods Pro to detect background noise while the inward-facing microphone picks up sound originating from the ear's direction. The auditory stream is altered by ANC 48,000 times per second before it reaches the ears.

Adaptive Transparency

A new Adaptive Transparency feature, which expands on the Transparency mode first launched with the first-generation AirPods Pro, was launched by Apple to the AirPods Pro.

Transparency Mode is intended to let AirPods Pro users hear what is going on around them, including traffic, train announcements, and more, without obstructing their ability to hear music, podcasts, or other audio.

Higher Level of Control

There is a new skin-detect sensor in the AirPods Pro. It is designed to more precisely detect when the AirPods are removed from the ears to conserve battery life. Additionally, a speech and motion accelerometer is a feature of the AirPods Pro. These sensors work together to power AirPods features like ear detection.

The AirPods Pro comes with the following gesture supports: 

  • To change the volume, swipe the stem upward or downward.
  • To play or pause, press once.
  • To answer an incoming call, press once.
  • Press two times to advance.
  • To skip back, press three times.
  • To switch between ANC and Adaptive Transparency, press, and hold.

Personalize Your Listening with AirPods Pro in Bangladesh

With AirPods Pro, experience a whole new level of audio bliss. Immerse yourself in rich, powerful sound as you fine-tune your listening experience. These earbuds adapt to your preferences and environment thanks to Active Noise Cancellation and an adjustable fit, providing pure musical bliss. Easily choose between immersive isolation for focused listening and transparency mode to stay connected to the outside world. The H1 chip facilitates smooth device switching and hands-free access to Siri. Enhance your calls, podcasts, and music with the most individualized headphones available: AirPods Pro.

Adaptive EQ

Adaptive EQ aims to improve sound quality by considering ear shape. The function improves sound for each user using computational audio and an updated internal microphone pointed at the ear.

The fit of the AirPods in the user's ear determines how the sound is tweaked in real-time. For consistent playback each time, the AirPods Pro adapts and tunes the low and mid-frequencies.

According to Apple, the new H2 chip processes sound more swiftly thanks to improved adaption algorithms. For higher-fidelity sound, it tunes audio at the precise moment that it is heard.

Case with Ultimate Power

Apple is offering the upgraded MagSafe Charging Case with the AirPods Pro 2. For use with MagSafe charging accessories, it contains a magnet inside. The MagSafe Charging Case contains a U1 chip, making it compatible with an iPhone with an H1 chip and Precision Finding in the Find My app. This year's Charging Case includes a lanyard loop for connecting external lanyards for the first time. Additionally, the case features a speaker that, when coupled with the Find My function, enables the case to play a sound.

Find My with Precision Finding

The Find My app is compatible with both the AirPods Pro 2 and the MagSafe Charging Case. Therefore, if any part is lost, it can be found using an Apple device. The Charging Case contains a U1 chip, which enables Precision Finding on a compatible iPhone, and the new built-in speakers let the case produce a sound to aid in finding it.

IPX4 Water & Sweat Resistance

Apple claims that the AirPods Pro and MagSafe Charging Case are “sweat and water-resistant,” offering IPX4 water resistance. Although the case is considerably more water-resistant, the previous AirPods Pro offered IPX4 water protection as well.

Although the AirPods Pro and the case are IPX4 water-resistant, this just means that they can endure light rain and sweat; liquid exposure should be avoided wherever possible. Apple's warranty does not cover damage from moisture or perspiration.

Latest Apple AirPods Pro Price in Bangladesh

Various dealers provide different AirPods Pro price in BD. However, you can use this list of prices as a general reference.

AirPods Pro price in BD

AirPods Pro Model


AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) 2022

BDT 26,700

AirPods Pro 2021

BDT 20,500

Why Choose AirPods Pro at High Price in Bangladesh?

We all know that Apple AirPods Pro price in BD is higher. But why? Due to their remarkable combination of features and performance, AirPods Pro stands out as a top option in wireless earphones. Here are a few characteristics that we particularly appreciate:

By blocking out outside distractions and engulfing you in an uninterrupted aural experience, their Active Noise Cancellation technology helps you concentrate on what is important. When necessary, the Transparency mode easily allows outside sound to enter, promoting safety and a sense of awareness of your surroundings.

The H2 chip makes sure that Apple devices are always connected, making it possible to quickly pair and switch between devices that are logged into the same iCloud account. Using the force sensor, you can manage music, calls, and other controls more easily.

Using the wireless charging case increases convenience and increases battery life to over 24 hours. You can use voice commands with the “Hey Siri” function to complete tasks without touching your iPhone.

In summary, AirPods Pro is an appealing alternative for customers. Searching for a premium wireless earbud? AirPods Pro is what you're looking for. Because they offer an unrivaled combination of active noise cancellation, adjustable fit, superior sound quality, and seamless integration with Apple's ecosystem.

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