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The most awaited brand new Apple iPhone 14 series has been released with it's dynamic look. 

The iPhone's display notch, which has defined Face ID iPhones since 2017's iPhone X, has been replaced with a pill-shaped screen cutout that houses an upgraded TrueDepth camera system. On its own, that cutout will make some people happier than the notch did. But it's the space around the cutout, which now shows system alerts and background activities, that's become one of my favorite features.

The new Apple phones also get upgraded cameras, a faster processor, an always-on display and iOS 16 as well as new safety features including Crash Detection and Emergency SOS via Satellite.

There are few external ways that the iPhone 14 Pro is different from previous models. There's the aforementioned display cutout. The camera bump is a skosh chunkier. And, like the iPhone 14, US models lack a SIM card tray and instead use an eSIM. But it's that strangely named Dynamic Island that defines the phone. The more time I spent with the 14 Pro, the more delightful I found it. It works in numerous situations and is an easy way to see what's going on without pulling your attention completely away from what you're doing.

he iPhone 14 Pro runs on iOS 16, which adds a bunch of welcome features including new ways to customize your lock screen. But there's one lock screen feature reserved for the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max: an always-on display. The always-on display is a low-power version of your lock screen that can show essential information when your phone is locked. Most Android phones have had the feature for years, but Apple's implementation might be the most gorgeous one yet.