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MacBook Pro is the flagship laptop model of Apple Inc. You can check Custom Mac BD for MacBook Pro price in BD. Despite their high cost, people love MacBook Pros. These gadgets are ideal for their requirements. You don't have to spend a lot of time trying to update the software. Because software updates are also easy. After purchasing a brand-new laptop from Apple, you shouldn't need to update for a while.

You'll get top-notch customer assistance from Apple if something goes wrong with your MacBook. Of course, having a reliable battery is equally useful in every circumstance. Read furthermore to find out which MacBook Pro will be the best for you.

Apple MacBook Pro Price in Bangladesh: Maker & The Boundary Breaker

Apple's MacBook Pro has become a favorite among professional users that require power, efficiency, and portability in a single device. The features can justify the high MacBook Pro price in BD. In 2006, right before Apple switched to Intel-based processors, the MacBook Pro made its debut. Since then, it has served as the company's flagship notebook. Even after switching to bespoke Apple Silicon, it has thrived as the laptop of choice for Apple developers and remains one of Apple's most significant products.

A sizable glass touchpad, a redesigned Magic Keyboard with scissor switches, and an Apple logo on the display enclosure are common features of current laptops. The 13-inch MacBook Pro still includes the Touch Bar, but it has been replaced with full-sized functionality. On the new MacBooks, the Touch Bar was replaced with full-sized function keys but is still present on the 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Supercharged by M1 Pro, M2 Pro & M2 Max

MacBook Pro price in Bangladesh mainly depends on the chipset. The Apple MacBook Pro features Apple Silicon chipset M1, M2. The upgraded versions of M1 are M1 Pro and M1 Max. M2 Pro and M2 Max are the enhanced versions of basic M2.

MacBook M1 Pro

Apple's second System on a Chip (SoC) designed for Macs is the M1 Pro. Apple has been moving away from Intel CPUs, which have been a part of Macs since 2006, with this product.

Officially, there are 10 CPU cores in the M1 Pro, including two efficiency cores and eight high-performance cores. There is a low-end model that is used in the MacBook Pro at the entry-level and has merely 8 cores. There are two high-efficiency cores and six high-performance cores in the 8-core CPU.

Apple claims that the 10-core CPU in the M1 Pro is up to 70% quicker than the 8-core CPU in the original M1 chip.

While the 8-core M1 Pro has a 14-core GPU, the 10-core M1 Pro has a 16-core GPU. The 16-GPU model outperforms the M1 processor by up to two times.

The CPU, GPU, and other processor components may all access the same data pool thanks to Apple's unified memory architecture. The maximum amount of memory that could be used on the M1 was 16 GB, whereas the M1 Pro allows up to 32 GB. Additionally, it provides memory bandwidth of up to 200 GB/s.

Apple accelerated video processing on the M1 Pro by adding a Media Engine. The ProRes video codec also has specialized acceleration.

MacBook M1 Max

The M1 Max is Apple's second System on a Chip (SoC) designed for use in Macs, following the M1 Pro.

The M1 Max is constructed using a 5-nanometer technology and has 57 billion transistors. Before the release of the M1 Ultra, it was Apple's largest chip to date and had 70% more transistors than the M1 Pro chip.

A 10-core CPU with eight high-performance and two high-efficiency cores powers the M1 Max. Apple claims that the 10-core CPU in the M1 Max is up to 70% faster than the 8-core CPU in the original M1 chip.

Two M1 Max models exist, one with a 24-core GPU and the other with a 32-core GPU. The 24-core GPU is only available as a build-to-order option, while the 32-core option is the top-tier choice accessible in more expensive computers.

The M1 Max can accommodate up to 64 GB. It also provides up to 400 GB/s of memory bandwidth, 2 times as much as the M1 Pro and 6 times as much as the M1.

MacBook M2 Pro

M2 Pro extends up the M2 architecture to provide up to 32 GB of fast unified memory, a 12-core CPU, and a 19-core GPU. M2 Pro was created utilizing a second-generation 5-nanometer process technology. It has 40 billion transistors, twice as many as M2 and about 20% more than M1 Pro. It has up to 32 GB of low-latency unified memory and 200 GB/s of unified memory bandwidth, twice as much as M2. With up to eight high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores per next-generation 10- or 12-core CPU, multithreaded CPU performance is up to 20% quicker than the 10-core CPU in the M1 Pro.

Heavy workloads are handled by apps like Adobe Photoshop more quickly than before, and compiling in Xcode is up to 2.5 times faster than on the quickest Intel-based MacBook Pro. Three more cores than the GPU in the M1 Pro, the GPU in the M2 Pro may be configured with up to 19 cores. It comes with a bigger L2 cache. With graphics speeds up to 30% quicker than those of the M1 Pro, image processing performance has increased dramatically, enabling console-quality gaming.

MacBook M2 Max

By adding a 38-core GPU, doubling the unified memory bandwidth, and supporting up to 96 GB of unified memory, M2 Max expands on the features of M2 Pro. It is the most potent and power-efficient chip for a professional laptop in the world because of its industry-leading performance per watt. With 67 billion transistors, M2 Max enhances the performance and capabilities of Apple Silicon. It has more than three times as many transistors as M2 and 10 billion more than M1 Max. Its 400 GB/s of unified memory bandwidth is four times as fast as M2 and twice as fast as M2 Pro.

Fast unified memory up to 96 GB is supported. Massive files open instantly, and switching between professional apps is amazingly speedy and seamless. Similar to M2 Pro, M2 Max has a 12-core next-generation CPU. With up to 38 cores, the GPU is significantly more potent. It is connected to a bigger L2 cache. Graphics performance can increase up to 30% over M1 Max. The new Apple MacBook Pro with M2 Max has 96 GB of RAM and can handle graphically demanding tasks that competitor systems couldn't even handle. Whether it's plugged in or using battery power, the MacBook Pro with M2 Max delivers amazing performance for everything from driving visual effects to training machine learning models. The M2 Max is the most strong and effective chip available for professional laptops.

Longest Battery Life 

There’s no right answer for how long a Mac lasts on a single charge. It depends on the model and your usage. The battery life of earlier MacBook Pro models is not very long. It may go on for up to ten hours. Newer versions operate more effectively than this. We can take the 2023 models as an example.

In comparison to previous-generation models, the 14-inch MacBook Pro with M2 Pro/Max chip provides up to 18 hours of movie playback with the Apple TV app and up to 12 hours of wireless web surfing.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro's battery life is increased by an hour over the M1 Pro/Max models, providing up to 22 hours of movie playback and 15 hours of wireless web browsing.

Smoother MacOS Ventura Operator

Apple MacBook Pro 2017 and later support macOS Ventura. Ventura won't work on a MacBook Pro that was manufactured before 2015 or has the outdated MagSafe port. Ventura features two breathtaking visual improvements. The new Stage Manager functionality is the first. It enables you to concentrate on one program while clearing the rest of the screen to add one or more additional apps if you choose. The other is the Continuity Camera function, which enables you to use the high-tech camera on your iPhone as a webcam rather than the basic camera on your Mac.

The stage Manager feature is a clever addition to the anti-distraction features. The program you're using moves to the center of the screen when you click the Stage Manager button in the Control Center. Any other open programs shrink to a stack of icons on the left, and all desktop programs and folders vanish. However, you can choose to keep them displayed. The stack of icons for your other active programs likewise vanishes when you drag the currently open app to the left. The other app icons can be set to vanish by default. You may keep both open by dragging one of the open app icons into the window containing the current program, leaving everything else hidden or icon-zed.

The other stunning interface feature of Ventura is Continuity Camera. Your iPhone running iOS 16 may wirelessly replace the webcam on your Mac with ease. This function operates without a hitch in Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime. Center Stage is one of the video effects available with the Continuity Camera function. As you move about the room, it strives to keep you in the picture. The space behind you is distorted in Portrait Mode, yet your face is sharp. Your face is highlighted and the background is darkened with Studio Light. Desk View, which divides the window horizontally using the ultrawide camera feed from your phone, is also supported by this function. Your face is depicted on the left, while your workstation is shown on the right.

Liquid Retina XDR with ProMotion Equals The Best Laptop Display

The 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros both include Apple's Liquid Retina XDR Display, although the 13-inch MacBook Pro just has a regular Retina Display. Apple displays with a pixel density high enough to prevent the perception of individual pixels from a typical viewing distance are referred to as “Retina” displays.

A greater dynamic range and richer blacks are achieved by the Liquid Retina XDR Display's usage of mini-LED illumination. Additionally, it boasts a variable refresh rate 120Hz ProMotion display that shows material at its native frame rate. When viewing particular content, both of these technologies help increase overall battery life.

The most recent MacBook Pro models offer a peak brightness of 1600 nits and an operational brightness of 1000 nits for HDR content. This implies that content will be simpler to view in light settings.

Best Cameras for Your Sharpest Look

The front of Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro M2 has a 720p HD camera for FaceTime conversations. For many years, Apple has employed a 720p front-facing camera. However, the image signal processor on the M2 chip enables crisper, sharper photos.

There is a 1080p camera on the 14-inch MacBook Pro M2 Pro. It is strengthened by the M2 Pro's image signal processor. This camera is also present in the 16-inch MacBook Pro M2 Max. The image signal processor guarantees clear photos and permits skin tones that appear realistic. With macOS Ventura, an iPhone may now function as a camera.

Studio Quality 3-Mic Array

There are actually three microphones incorporated into current MacBook Pros (2018 or later), so look around the right side of your Mac. The MacBook Pro's three-microphone array produces recordings of studio quality. It offers directional beamforming and a good signal-to-noise ratio with a 60 percent lower noise floor. It can capture even subtle sounds. Directional beamforming allows for crisp, clear voice sound.

For Older MacBook Pros (2017 or previous versions), the microphone is more difficult to locate. Because speaker grids are absent. The microphone on a MacBook Pro is often found on the left bottom of the case, above the ESC key.

Booming Sound with 6 Speakers

The MacBook Pro has a high-fidelity six-speaker audio system with two tweeters and four force-canceling woofers for eighty percent greater bass. According to Apple, it has the best audio system for a laptop.

When playing music or watching a movie on the MacBook Pro's built-in speakers with Dolby Atmos, the speaker system delivers broad stereo sound and the device also supports spatial audio. Dynamic head tracking is supported when using the AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, or AirPods Max.

Extra Ports & Plugins

Different variations of the MacBook Pro come with various connectors. The USB-C port was a feature of earlier MacBook Pro models. However, the most recent ones utilize Thunderbolt ports. These outperform USB-C in terms of speed. MagSafe ports are also available in pro laptops for faster charging. The MacBook Pro is capable of receiving a quick charge when the proper wall adapter is utilized. With MagSafe, the cable has a breakaway design that makes it simple to unplug if it is yanked, protecting the port or device.

Additionally, there is one SD (Secure Digital) port. The most recent models feature SDXC (SD extended capacity). You can use a card to import images from a digital camera or to store information. There is a 3.5 mm headphone jack with added support for high-impedance headphones. The HDMI input can support 4K or 8K displays.

Apple’s Magic Touch

With just the press of a key, the Magic Keyboard with press ID makes it simple to type emoji, change keyboard languages, lock your MacBook Pro, and access a variety of system services. When Touch ID is activated, you may use your fingerprint to instantly lock your screen, unlock your MacBook Pro, and use Apple Pay to make purchases from the App Store, Apple TV app, Apple Books, and websites.

Most Advance Power Management 

The M2 Max chip-equipped 16-inch MacBook Pro models offer a “High Power” mode. Performance is optimized for system-intensive tasks in this mode, which could lead to greater fan noise.

In the System Settings, High Power Mode can be turned on either under Battery > Power Adapter > Energy Mode when the device is plugged in or under Battery, > Battery > Energy Mode when a battery powers it.

High Power Mode may cause greater fan noise, according to the small print in System Preferences. The function raises fan speeds to accommodate the M2 Max chip running hotter.

High Power Mode, according to Apple, is meant to maximize performance under heavy, prolonged workloads, giving users “extreme performance” for jobs like color grading 8K ProRes video.

Latest Apple MacBook Pro Price in BD List

Various dealers provide different MacBook Pro prices in BD. However, you can use this list of prices as a general reference.

MacBook Pro price in BD






Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch 2020 8‑core CPU 10‑core GPU


8 GB

256 GB


512 GB



8 GB

256 GB


512 GB


16 GB

256 GB


512 GB


1 TB


Apple MacBook Pro 16 inch 10-Core CPU 16-Core GPU

M1 Pro

16 GB

1 TB


512 GB


Apple MacBook Pro 14 inch 8-Core CPU 14-Core GPU

16 GB

512 GB


1 TB


32 GB

512 GB


1 TB


Apple MacBook Pro 14 inch 10-Core CPU 14-Core GPU

16 GB

512 GB


1 TB


32 GB

512 GB


1 TB


Apple MacBook Pro 14‑inch with 10-Core CPU 24-Core GPU

M1 Max

32 GB

512 GB


1 TB


Apple MacBook Pro 14‑inch with 10-Core CPU 32-Core GPU

512 GB


1 TB


64 GB

1 TB


2 TB


Apple MacBook Pro 14 inch 12-Core CPU 19-Core GPU

M2 Pro

32 GB

4 TB


Apple MacBook Pro 14 inch 12-Core CPU 38-Core GPU

M2 Max

96 GB

8 TB


Apple MacBook Pro Series: Ultimate Laptop for Professionals

Apple introduced the aluminum unibody design in the second-generation MacBook Pro, and that overall design has stuck around since. Its classy look and professional features hike the MacBook Pro price in Bangladesh. The chassis became thinner with each iteration of the MacBook Pro until Apple removed all legacy ports in favor of four USB Type-C Thunderbolt ports. However, Apple's 2021 models brought back the HDMI port and SD card slot in a slightly thicker case design.

All modern versions of the laptop have a large glass trackpad, an updated Magic Keyboard with scissor switches, and an Apple logo on the display case. The Touch Bar still exists on the 13-inch MacBook Pro but has been removed in favor of full-sized function keys on the redesigned MacBooks.

Apple's approach to case design hasn't changed much, even with a slight redesign to accommodate the extra ports and increased cooling needs in the 2021 models. Notably, Apple increased the foot size under the laptops, so more air could flow underneath during regular use.

What to Look for Before Buying a MacBook Pro Laptop?

MacBook Pro price can vary from 125,500৳ to 800,000৳. So fixing a budget can save you from a lot of hassle. It will also shorten the Pro laptop price. Other things you need to focus on before buying a MacBook Pro laptop are - 

Screen Size

Determine how portable you need your laptop to be before looking at specifications or costs. Display sizes are a common way to group laptops:

The smallest and lightest systems currently available have displays between 11 and 12 inches in size and weigh between 2 and 3 pounds. 13.5-24.0 inches offers the ideal mobility and usability balance, especially if you get a laptop that weighs less than 3.5 pounds. The most popular size, 15 to 16 inches, weighs between 3.5 and 5.5 pounds in most cases. If you want a larger screen but don't intend to carry your laptop around frequently, think about this size.


From Cheetah to Ventura, we encountered several macOS editions. Different versions of macOS offer various features. For instance, Shortcuts in macOS Monterey enable you to automate your flow by setting up quick actions across many programs.  Stage Manager, a new feature in macOS Ventura, brings about a significant UI modification. It's an excellent method for switching between jobs and workplaces. Before choosing one, consider what suits you the most.


The more pixels you have, the more content you can fit on-screen, and the sharper it will look. The 13-inch MacBook Pro models feature a display with resolution of 2560 by 1600 resolution at 227 pixels per inch. It gives clearer and more crisp view. Most MacBook Pro feature Retina display.


When it comes to striking the right balance between raw performance and endurance, Apple's own silicon, the ARM-based M1 and M2 CPUs, dominate the competition. If you require even more capacity for activities like content creation or programming, choose the Pro or Max models. 

M1 and M2: Standard Apple Silicon chip with a balance of performance and power-efficiency.

M1 Pro and M2 Pro: Apple Silicon chip with additional high-performance CPU cores and twice the memory bandwidth of the M2 chip (200 GB/s).

M1 Max and M2 Max: Doubles the GPU cores and memory bandwidth (400 GB/s) of the M1 Pro or ‌M2‌ Pro chips for better graphics performance.


Some inexpensive laptops only have 4 GB of RAM. On a laptop even on a tight budget, you should aim for at least 8 GB, and if you have a little more cash, 16 B. 32 GB is more than enough for 99% of users. Professional power users or high-end gamers should use 64 GB or more.


The performance of your storage drive is as important as the speed of your CPU. Unfortunately, the SSD storage on the MacBook Pro (2023) isn't user-accessible or replaceable. So, choose wisely. MacBook Pro’s SSD varies from 256 GB to 8 TB.

Battery Life

You won't need to worry about the battery life if you only use it at a workstation close to an outlet. However, you'll need at least 7 hours of endurance, with 9+ hours being optimal, if you intend to use the laptop on your lap, whether it's at home or work. Don't rely just on the manufacturer's assertions to establish the anticipated battery life. Read the results from independent, unbiased sources instead.

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  • Why Mac Pro is so Expensive?

  • The MacBook Pro is Apple’s highest-end laptop. They can process information far more quickly than many other computers, including other MacBooks. You can handle a variety of high-performance jobs, such as editing and rendering 4K films. MacBook Pros are more suited to creative professions like graphic designers and videographers. Additionally, it contains features like the touch bar that you won't find on other Apple laptops. As a result, the price is increased slightly more than it otherwise would be. 

  • Which MacBook Has the Most RAM?

  • With the highest-end M2 Max chip, the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are now capable of holding up to 96 GB of unified memory. When using the older M1 Max chip, both MacBook Pro models had a 64 GB memory limit up to this point. With the M2 Max processor, which has a 12-core CPU and 38-core GPU, Apple's most recent Macs may now support an additional 32 GB of unified memory.

  • How Long Will a MacBook Pro Last?

  • Most people are curious about how long a MacBook Pro will last before they need to replace it. An expert's recommendation is that a well-maintained MacBook Pro should last 7.2 years on average. However, many people exchange their MacBook Pro for a new one after five years.

  • Does MacBook Pro Have a RAM Issue?

  • If you’re using a MacBook Pro for a long time, you can face RAM issues. This is normal for any gadget. If your MacBook is really slow, then you can check it with a professional. Otherwise, freeing up memories can solve this issue.

  • Does MacBook Pro Have Battery Issues?

  • The battery's duration varies depending on the temperature, usage, and settings. If your MacBook Pro has the latest software then the chances of battery problems due to bugs are rare. Apple bases its battery life predictions on dimmed lighting and a light internet load. Therefore, it makes sense that your MacBook will lose power faster if you have the screen set to 100% and are downloading megabytes in a location with subpar Wi-Fi. Otherwise, improper settings, outdated or damaged batteries, or overuse may be the problem.

  • What Is a Safe Battery Temperature for MacBook Pro?

  • Use your Mac laptop where the temperature is between 50 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit (10 and 35 degrees Celsius). Because temperatures in parked cars might rise over this range, never leave your Mac laptop there. Additionally, you ought to operate your Mac laptop in environments with relative humidity levels between 0% and 95%.