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NEW Apple Watch Series 8 - Aluminum Case with Sport Band | Apple International Warranty (Claim support)

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Vendor: Apple

Size: 41MM

  • 41MM
  • 45MM

Color: If offer on Color/Variant Or 2-3 Days Delivery

  • If offer on Color/Variant Or 2-3 Days Delivery
  • Midnight (FREE Claim Support)
  • Starlight (FREE Claim Support)
  • Slate Blue (FREE Claim Support)
  • White (FREE Claim Support)
  • Succulent (FREE Claim Support)
  • Elderberry (FREE Claim Support)
  • Any Color (Paid Claim Support)
  • Midnight Color (Paid Claim Support)
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Technical Details of Apple Watch Series 8

  • 41mm or 45mm case
  • Always-On Retina LTPO OLED display
  • Up to 1000 nits brightness
  • Ion-X glass display on aluminum cases
  • Sapphire crystal display on stainless steel cases
  • GPS and GPS + Cellular models
  • S8 SiP with 64-bit dual-core processor
  • W3 wireless chip
  • U1 chip (Ultra Wideband)1
  • Digital Crown with haptic feedback
  • Accelerometer
    • Up to 256 g-forces with Fall Detection and Crash Detection
    • High-dynamic-range gyroscope
  • Temperature sensing
  • Blood oxygen sensor and app
  • Third-generation optical heart sensor
  • High and low heart rate notifications
  • International Emergency Calling
  • Emergency SOS
  • Crash Detection
  • Fall Detection
  • Water-resistant 50 meters
  • Dust resistant (IP6X)
  • Crack-resistant front crystal
  • LTE and UMTS
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Compass
  • Always-on altimeter
  • Built-in speaker and mic
  • 32GB capacity
  • Fast charge


    • Height: 41mm
    • Width: 35mm
    • Depth: 10.7mm
    • Aluminum Case Weight: 32.0g


    • Height: 45mm
    • Width: 38mm
    • Depth: 10.7mm
    • Aluminum Case Weight: 38.8g



    7-day replacements for manufacturer faulty and 1-year service (no local parts). OS, Software, Support, and Hardware Diagnosis.

    1-Year Apple International Limited Hardware Warranty so if needed we can provide the service to claim it from Apple Dubai/Malaysia/Singapore with some logistics cost minimum / None if the Situation is normal like the flights are regular to send the product.


The Apple Watch Series 8 is one of the most stylish, innovative, and convenient smartwatches ever. Its sleek design and cutting-edge capabilities make it a must-have for any tech-savvy person. You can easily access texts, calls, and notifications on your wrist due to the seamless interaction with your iPhone. Can't stay motivated while trying to be more healthy? Apple Watch with cutting-edge health monitoring features like heart rate monitoring, and sleep analysis can monitor your exercise objectives. To learn more about what this watch has to offer, read on.

Apple Watch Series 8 Price in Bangladesh

The Apple Watch Series 8 is the latest version of Apple's popular smartwatch lineup. It provides users with an effortless and practical experience because of its improvements and better performance.

The Series 8 has a modern, fashionable design with replaceable bands and watch faces. It is suitable for swimming and other underwater activities. We really like the health and fitness tracking feature upgrades. New sensors in Series 8 can gauge blood oxygen levels and body temperature. Even better sleep tracking is possible with it. It provides thorough fitness tracking including different workouts, heart rate monitoring, and individualized coaching.

Additional new communication features in the Series 8 include improved calling and texting capabilities. You may use your watch to make and receive calls and send brief voice messages. You can even communicate with other Apple Watch users by using it as a walkie-talkie.

Smooth & Seamless Design

There have been no design changes made to the Apple Watch Series 8. It is offered in 41 mm and 45 mm size variants and retains the same rounded, square appearance as earlier variations. A black ceramic and crystal back is a standard feature on all Apple Watch Series 8 models. There are four LED clusters and four photodiodes to facilitate health monitoring features.

The Apple Watch has a Digital Crown on the side that may be used for navigating and scrolling. It is essential for the ECG app because it includes an electrode built-in that functions in conjunction with the rear sensors. The Digital Crown on LTE models is surrounded by a red ring, letting you know that they support LTE. GPS-only models lack the red ring. Frequently used apps, emergency services, Apple Pay transaction confirmation, and other functions can all be accessed through a side button.

Case materials for the Apple Watch Series 8 include aluminum and stainless steel. Starlight, Midnight, Silver, and (PRODUCT)RED are among the colors available for the Apple Watch Series 8 aluminum casing. There are silver, graphite, and gold versions of the stainless steel case.

The aluminum variants are constructed entirely of recycled 7000 series aluminum. They are made for an active lifestyle, are lightweight, and are reasonably priced. Models made of stainless steel are heavier, more expensive, and focused more on daily wear than exercise.

Always-ON Retina Display

For the Always-On feature, the watch uses an OLED ultra-low power temperature polysilicon and oxide display (LTPO). It enables constant visibility of the watch face, complexities, and other data.

To conserve battery life, the display dims when the wrist is lowered. However, essential components, like watch hands, are always lighted. The display returns to its original brightness when the watch's face is touched or the wrist is raised. Apple has improved watch faces for the feature to save battery consumption. When the Apple Watch is not in use, the display's variable refresh rate decreases from 60Hz to as low as 1Hz.

Tough Watch Gone Tougher

The aluminum Apple Watch models feature Ion-X glass. Apple uses sapphire crystal glass for the stainless steel and titanium models. The scratch resistance of sapphire crystal glass is higher than Ion-X glass. The sapphire crystal variants are more durable against scratches and daily wear.

All variants of the Apple Watch Series 8 include IP6X dust protection for use in locations like the desert or the beach. They provide WR50 water resistance, which allows for submersion up to 50 meters deep.

You may use the Apple Watch when swimming in a pool or the ocean. Only shallow water sports are appropriate for it. Scuba diving, water-skiing, showering, and other sports involving swift water or prolonged submersion are not recommended.

Apple Watch Series 8 Gets Healthier for You

The Apple Watch Series 8 includes a third-generation optical heart rate sensor. It can identify normal heart rates as well as low, high, and abnormal heart rates.

The back sensors can measure the blood's oxygen level. Green, red, and infrared LEDs shine light upon the blood vessels in the wrist. Then photodiodes measure the amount of light reflected by those veins.

 After that, Apple's algorithms determine the blood's color representing how much oxygen is present.

Users can take single-lead electrocardiograms using the Apple Watch's rear electrodes and the Digital Crown. In a single-lead ECG, two points of contact are used to measure your heart's electrical activity. In around 30 seconds, the Apple Watch takes an ECG anywhere, anytime.

Your watch can monitor how well you slept at night. It tracks the duration of your REM, Core, and Deep sleep phases.

The Apple Watch Series 8 now has two additional temperature sensors. One takes their wrist temperature. To reduce outside bias, the other sensor detects the air's temperature.

The Apple Watch Series 8 can provide estimates of ovulation in the past. Users can more accurately track their menstrual cycles by knowing when they might have ovulated. According to Apple, temperature sensing also helps women who menstruate better predict their periods.

Reminder for Your Meds

Due to watchOS 9, the Apple Watch now has a new Medications app. It combines with the iPhone's Health app's Medications feature. You may add all the prescription drugs, vitamins, and supplements you take to your iPhone, along with a schedule of when you should take each one. On your Apple Watch, you can then receive reminders to take your meds. You can keep track of your habits by marking when you've taken them.

Innovative Crush Detection Feature

With the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple upgraded the motion sensors and sensor-fusion algorithm. The advanced sensor and algorithm will enable the Apple Watch to identify a severe car accident. It will then report to the emergency services. The Apple Watch checks in with the user and then calls emergency services if there is no response after 10 seconds. It also notifies emergency contacts.

Severe Fall Detection

If you've fallen hard, the Apple Watch's sensors can detect it. If there is no response, it will notify the emergency services. For elderly folks, fall detection is turned on by default. In any other case, you must activate it in the Apple Watch settings. No matter where you are, this feature will still work.

Emergency SOS Service

LTE connectivity offers an international Emergency SOS capability. Suppose you're abroad. If you are hurt or in a situation where you need assistance, you can use the SOS feature to contact the emergency services of that country. All you've to do is hold down the side button. The fall detection function of the Apple Watch works with international emergency calls. If it is turned on, the watch will immediately call for help if it detects that the user has fallen hard and is still motionless afterward.

Feel More Connected

Allow your Apple Watch to contact anyone, even if you are abroad. Make calls, send texts, stream music, and receive assistance in an emergency wherever your travels take you with worldwide roaming. Maps are available on the Apple Watch Series 8. Therefore, wherever you are going, let your wrist guide you at every turn. You can use Family Setup on your iPhone to pair watches for older people or youngsters who don't have iPhones.

Compatible with Thousands of Apps

Use your preferred apps right now on your wrist. You have tens of thousands of apps from the App Store right on your wrist. You may use the apps on your Apple Watch to keep track of time, keep track of your health, and communicate with others. Alternatively, you can download new apps from the App Store or install any third-party apps you already have on your iPhone. One Home Screen contains all of your installed apps. Apple Watch is the ideal personal gadget for anything you enjoy doing.

Apple Watch Series 8 Price List for Bangladesh

Looking for the Apple Watch Series 8 price in Bangladesh? Here is a list of prices for all the variants available. The price could rise and drop due to the dollar rate fluctuations. Also, the network system plays a role. Apple offers two network options - GPS, GPS and cellular.

Apple Watch Series 8 Price in Bangladesh

Series 8 Models



Apple Watch Series 8 41 mm


BDT 43,000

GPS + Cellular

BDT 50,000

Apple Watch Series 8 45 mm


BDT 45,000

GPS + Cellular

BDT 54,000

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  • What Colors Will the Apple Watch 8 Come In?
  • Apple Watch Series 8 comes in aluminum and stainless steel cases. Apple Watch Series 8 aluminum casing colors include starlight, midnight, silver, and (PRODUCT)RED. The stainless steel case comes in silver, graphite, and gold.

  • How Long Does the Apple Watch 8 Battery Last?
  • For the Apple Watch Series 8 models, Apple claims that the battery would last “all day” or 18 hours. With the new Low Power Mode included in watchOS 9, it can be extended to up to 36 hours.

  • What Is Unique About the Apple Watch Series 8?
  • The Apple Watch Series 8 is powered by watchOS 9, the most recent version of the Apple Watch operating system. The release of watchOS 9 brought new watch faces, improvements to the Workout app, a function for tracking prescription drugs, notifications upgrades, an AFib History option for people with irregular heartbeats, and more.

  • Can You Use the Apple Watch 8 Without an iPhone?
  • The Apple Watch was made to go along with the iPhone. Not for iOS, but only for the iPhone. Consequently, you are unable to utilize its software on an iPad, Apple TV, or iPod Touch. There is no way to avoid this since the Apple Watch setup process requires an iPhone.

  • Can You Answer Calls on the Apple Watch Without a Phone?
  • With the Apple Watch, you can now answer a call without taking your iPhone from your pocket. Raise your wrist to check who is calling when you hear or feel the call notice. When a phone notice appears, click the red Decline button. The call will be directed to voicemail. Tap the green icon to talk using the built-in microphone and speaker or a Bluetooth device linked to your Apple Watch.

    Additional Information


    41mm, 45mm


    If offer on color/variant or 2-3 days delivery, Midnight (free claim support), Starlight (free claim support), Slate blue (free claim support), White (free claim support), Succulent (free claim support), Elderberry (free claim support), Any color (paid claim support), Midnight color (paid claim support)

    Size: 41MM

    • 41MM
    • 45MM

    Color: If offer on Color/Variant Or 2-3 Days Delivery

    • If offer on Color/Variant Or 2-3 Days Delivery
    • Midnight (FREE Claim Support)
    • Starlight (FREE Claim Support)
    • Slate Blue (FREE Claim Support)
    • White (FREE Claim Support)
    • Succulent (FREE Claim Support)
    • Elderberry (FREE Claim Support)
    • Any Color (Paid Claim Support)
    • Midnight Color (Paid Claim Support)
    BDT 43,000.00
    NEW Apple Watch Series 8 - Aluminum Case with Sport Band | Apple International Warranty (Claim support)