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Hp Laptop Premium Ultrabooks Price in Bangladesh

Hp laptop price in bangladesh

It is no secret that the new models of the Hp laptops are extremely well designed. The metal “gem-cut” exterior makes it look like a laptop from the future and it actually comes with some intuitive features that make it even more convenient. The processing power is enough to handle just about any task you can throw at it, and the price is an attractive one even to the most value conscious of consumers.

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the features of the new hp laptops, talk about pricing and find the best places to buy if you live in Bangladesh. There are some features on these new laptops that are really worth getting, and a few that might not be worth the money. We’ll do our best to walk you through the different features and functionality of these laptops and help you pick out the right one for you.

HP Spectre and Envy Review

The new line of HP laptops come with a ton of great features people don’t know about. The major advantage to these laptops is their innovative new design. These days, all the major laptops are starting to look the same. Slim metallic build, this bezel, minimalist port configuration. Among all these laptops, the HP models stand out, partially due to their new gem cut design. This design not only looks nice, but it serves an important purpose as well. Now the laptops actually have true corners. The new charging port and power button, have been strategically relocated to these corners to minimize frustration. With most laptops, the power button is somewhere off to the side, either hard to reach or easy to press by accident. With the power button in the corner, not only is it easy to find, it also will not be pressed by accident when you hold the laptop on the side. Pretty smart right?

But HP did not stop there. Another inconvenience users faced was the charging port. If the charging cable goes out the back, it can’t lay flush against a wall or a desk and if it faces forward, it gets in the user’s way. HP thought: “why not put it out diagonally?”. With this great new idea, the cord goes out on the corner, out of the way of the person using the computer, and whatever prop they may be using to keep it upright.

The third minor adjustment is the fingerprint sensor. Users of past HP models have expressed that they want the fingerprint right by the keyboard for easier use. HP responded and now you can securely sign in to the device without taking your hands of the main console. Amazing! The one downside faced by this computer, and by all computers in 2019 is the lack of legacy ports. Now that we are in an awkward transition period of USB ports, it is hard to fit all of them in on one device. This means you will get a USB C port, but a few of the older USB ports will have been phased out. Nothing a dongle can’t fix!

Hp Laptop Price in Bangladesh

If you are looking to compare a few prices of the different options from HP, you should read this section really quick.

Hp Envy Price in Bangladesh

hp envy x360 price in bdIf you are looking to get a no-frills HP laptop for the lowest possible price, the best you will get is the HP ENVY 13. It comes in at around 104,000 taka and it has almost all the computing power you would need. I has an 8th gen i5 processor, 8 GB of RAM and 360 GB of storage. It also comes with a 13 inch display, which is the most common configuration for current laptop models. In terms of storage and RAM, this should really do the trick for you. As far as the chip goes, the i5 performs pretty well, but if you are into PC gaming, video editing or any other demanding task, you may want to browse a few laptops that have an i7 chip. If this configurations seems like enough for you, you may want to go with this laptop because it is the cheapest you will find in the new HP line.

Hp Spectre Price in Bangladesh

If you really are looking for a high performance 2 in 1 device, look no further than the HP Spectre. At 110,000 taka, it is only slightly more than the HP envy and it can be flipped back into a tablet device! Just like the previous model we mentioned, this laptop comes with 8 GB of RAM, but it does come with a slight downgrade when it comes to storage space. 256 GB may not seem like very much, but it is more than enough to store all of you favorite photos and videos in one place. Even if you edit videos everyday, you still may find it difficult to blow through all of this storage. What I think is quite refreshing about this 2 in 1 device is that it comes with the HP pen (stylus) in the box. Most tablets and 2 in 1 devices these days make you pay a pretty penny for the stylus, notably Apple with their $99 Apple pen, but HP is willing to throw it in for free. This definitely justifies the price tag, and this is definitely the best option is you are looking for a 2 in1 device from HP, or even if you think you might want one in the future. They really figured out the hinge on this one. In “laptop mode” the hinge stays firmly in place, and nothing short of an abrubt shake will cause the monitor to fold back into a tablet so if you are not completely sold on the 2 in 1 thing, don’t worry it doesn’t get in the way too much.

HP Spectre X360 Price

hp spectre x360

If you are a little less price sensitive and are looking for the best HP laptop you can get, the 152,000 model of the HP Spectre X360 has all the best features. There is 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD and an 8th Gen i7 chip. This gets you the best RAM, the best storage and the best chip across all HP models. This is a good computer for anyone who has a job that demands a lot of processing power and storage. If you edit videos or even photos for a living, you may want to consider this as an option. The storage space is enough to accommodate hundreds of hours of video and pretty much all the photos you can possibly take.

Hp Core i5 Laptop Price in Bangladesh

If you are specifically looking for a laptop that has a core i5 processor, you can just go ahead and purchase the base model of the HP ENVY. The HP ENVY base model has the core i5 processing chip and can be purchased for 104,000 taka. This is a good option for people who are trying to save money and don’t need a ton of processing power.

hp laptopHp Laptop in Bangladesh

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