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Which Microsoft Surface Laptop Should I Buy in Bangladesh?

The Surface Pro 7 is a powerful tablet that doubles as a decent laptop if you pair it with a Type Cover (sold separately), although trying to actually use it in your lap is a challenge not many will succeed with.

The improved internals and upgraded graphics are where the Pro 7 really shines. It’s certainly more powerful than the Pro X, and it’s a massive jump forward from the Surface Pro 6 too. It’s still not a gaming laptop, although neither is the more expensive Surface Pro 7+.

If you’re going to get the use out of the portability and flexible nature of the 2-in-1, the Pro 7 is worth considering, but there are more powerful laptops at a similar price if processing and graphical power is key. 

The Surface Laptop 3 was compelling new PC at the time of its launch, and it still holds up well today.

As well as four distinct finishes, you can also choose between regular metal and soft Alcantara interiors on the 13.5in model.

A new 15in model made its debut here too, and it's the only once to offer custom AMD Ryzen 5 and 7 chips alongside Intel models. The 13.5in variant is limited to Core i5 or i7 processors, although its SSD can be configured up to 1TB (15in maxes out at 512GB).

USB-C also made its Surface Laptop debut here, but power users might struggle with that fact that there's only a single Type-C port and it tops out at USB 3.1, not Thunderbolt 3.

you can get a great deal on the Laptop 3, although you may prefer to opt for Microsoft's latest device.


Despite sporting only minimal upgrades over its predecessor, the Book 3 is a solid addition to the Microsoft Surface family.

A gorgeous display, excellent keyboard and solid port selection provide the foundation for a great laptop experience.

However, performance is seriously mixed. The Book 3 copes just fine in most situations but is a serious letdown when it comes to gaming performance. That wouldn’t usually be much of an issue, but Microsoft has specifically advertised its suitability for gaming.

That’s far from the only drawback, with chunky bezels, mediocre speakers and lack of fingerprint scanner among the most prominent.

At this price point, these shortcomings are hard to look beyond.

Microsoft Surface Go

microsoft surface go

The microsoft surface go is on the lower end of the laptop spectrum in both price and amount of features. It is a fraction of the price of some of its competitors, but the features it has are pretty minimal. You should get a battery life of about 6 hours on this guy, which is significantly lower than some of the more premium models, but still very good for a laptop. It also has the smallest screen size at 10 inches. This is more than enough space to watch your favorite show, but it is not a replacement for a TV by any means. You can actually get pretty good RAM and storage on this computer. 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD is not too bad for a base model and certainly not for its price tag.

Microsoft Surface Pro

microsoft surface laptopThe surface pro is the next model on the spectrum. While the RAM is the same on this model, you can actually get a bump on the SSD and take it up to a full Terabyte of storage. The battery life gets a 3hr boost so you should be able to get through the entire workday on one charge. The screen size is 12.3 inches so it is a little bit larger than the surface go but not quite as large as the surface laptop and the surface book.

Microsoft Surface Laptop

surface laptopThe surface laptop is a slim mac alternative that has become more and more popular in recent years. The laptop comes complete with a ton of new features making it one of the best performing laptops in its price category. It has a facial recognition camera an i5 or i7 chip and up to a 16GB RAM with 1TB SSD.

Microsoft Surface Book

microsoft surface book laptopThe final and most premium model in the microsoft surface line is the microsoft surface book. It’s about one and a half times the price of its closest counterpart so it is by no means a cheap computer, but it does come with all the features. Like the last two laptops, the surface book can go up to 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD.  It is a little bit larger at 0.9 inches of thickness and 3.7 pounds of total weight, but it could definitely not be considered a large computer. It still should fit comfortable in your backpack and not produce any back strain whatsoever.

Microsoft Surface Laptop Price

The prices of the surface laptops are as follows:

Microsoft Surface Go: $399

Microsoft Surface Pro: $899

Microsoft Surface Laptop: $999

Microsoft Surface Book: $1,499

Where to buy a microsoft surface pro in Bnagladesh

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This store is a great source for not only your microsoft surface needs, but also any laptop or mobile device you might need. They have nearly every make or model you can think of and they are competitively priced and convenient to buy from.

How to Tell if a Microsoft Surface Pro is Real

According to Microsoft, all genuine surface products should come with windows 8, 8.1 or windows 10 installed. You should also be able to find a Genuine Microsoft Label (GML) on the device. You can also find the serial number on the back of the device and search that on Microsoft’s database to confirm that you have a genuine model.

One of the critiques about the Microsoft Surface 2 is that it did not change much from its previous model. It made a few interior and cosmetic fixes (like adding additional color options), but over all they decided to abide by the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it).

Pros of the New Microsoft Surface Laptop

The highlights of the new model are that it has a beautiful and sleek design, a comfortable and easy to use keyboard and trackpad and a bright clear display with a very high resolution.

Cons of the New Microsoft Surface Laptop

Some of the disadvantages with the laptop are that it does not have any USB-C ports. It is funny that the main critique of the new Macbook air is that it has nothing but USB-C ports and the main critique with the surface is that it doesn’t have any. Speaking of ports and slots, the laptop also does not come with a slot for the SD cards. Worry not my photographer friends! You can still plug in an external SD card reader into the USB-A port on the side of the device. Unfortunately, there is only one but there are worse problems to have.

The final drawback to the new Microsoft surface is that the battery life is just average. To some of you this might be a big deal, but most of you that use it for work will likely already have a charger at the ready anyways. It does get a little bit annoying if you are in a coffee shop when only half the tables have outlets, but its not really that big of a deal.



While the past Microsoft surface products have felt more like a tablet turned into a laptop, this iterations feels more like a “full laptop”. They didn’t have to change too much about the surface in order to make it “feel” like a laptop. All the features that people liked with the previous models of the surface make a return for this one., with a few minor tweaks along the way. This has allowed the microsoft surface to become one of the best laptops of the year.


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