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Portable SSD's obvious benefit is speed and reliability. Using non-volatile flash memory provides immediate access to files on the drive and there are no problems with impacts. With no moving parts, portable SSDs will take much more punishment at the bottom of your bag! HDDs simply can’t compete for ruggedness and there are new SSDs which have been developed to be almost indestructible.

While you’ll need to have a laptop to transfer from a memory card to an external SSD, it’s a small price to pay to back up your files. If you’re out on a shoot and your memory card fills up, you can use a laptop to transfer those files onto an SSD, which is much faster than using an HDD.

How much faster? Well, that depends on the drive, but it’s safe to say you can expect transfer speeds that are between five to ten times faster than an HDD. Then, when you’re back in the office, you can connect the SSD to your editing rig and begin the editing process.

So Buy super durable, great transfer speed SSD by brand like Samsung, Sandisk etc. to enhance your memory.