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NEW Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Trail Loop | Apple International Warranty Claim support

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Apple has finally unveiled the eagerly anticipated Apple Watch Ultra 2. Apple Watch Ultra 2 price in Bangladesh is BDT 106,000. The price doesn’t depend on the band. The trail loop is perfect for all workouts. It is a carbon-neutral band. We’re loving all the new updates, especially the S9 chip. If you are into extreme water sports, cycling, running, or any type of exercise, this is a must-have watch for you. Let’s dig in more.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Price in Bangladesh

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Price in Bangladesh is BDT 106,000. This watch is available in Titanium and GPS+ cellular connectivity. It comes in 49 mm size. It has three band options - Ocean Band, Trail Loop, Alpine Band. The trail loop is perfect for all workouts. It features a convenient pull tab for quick adjustments during workouts. The extra stretch built into the nylon weave makes it easy to cinch for optimal fit. The Trail Loop is made with recycled content and is carbon-neutral. Titanium buckle with adjustable loop provides a secure fit. The cost doesn’t depend on the band.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is an improved version of the Apple Watch Ultra. It is meant for athletes and sports enthusiasts who demand from their devices more performance customized for their sport and a longer battery life.

The primary new feature of the Ultra 2 is the new S9 chip, which is substantially faster than the S8 chip. The S9 CPU can process machine learning workloads up to twice as quickly thanks to its 4-core Neural Engine. It is more effective for the same all-day battery life even with more features.

Three inbuilt microphones enhance the sound quality, and even in busy outdoor environments, a beamforming technology reduces background noise and captures voice. An 86-dB siren with two SOS patterns is available for calling for help if needed. It incorporates both the L1 and L5 bands for dual-frequency GPS. For training and competition, it offers the most accurate GPS, exact distance, pace, and route statistics.

The Apple Watch Ultra has a greater temperature tolerance to handle more harsh settings. It functions in temperatures ranging from -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20° C) to 131 degrees Fahrenheit (55° C).

Why Trail Loop?

The Sport Loop's older, more stylish sibling is called the Trail Loop. It's constructed from a stretchy nylon weave as well, but the side that comes into contact with your skin is much softer. The Trail Loop is also Velcro-secured. It features an easier-to-grip pull tab for changing tightness while running. This is the simplest Ultra band to put on and take off because it has no buckles or clasps. It is super comfortable and breathable. It also stands up well to sweat. It is the thinnest and lightest strap available. The Trail Loop is ideal for daytime use or running and cycling.

Tougher And Stunning Design

The original Ultra model and the Watch Ultra 2 share a lot of visual similarities. It features an orange action button on the left side, a row of protruding buttons on the right, and a 49 mm flat display. In Ultra 2, there is just a single material option. But we're not complaining because Apple uses the best one.

Titanium is pleasant and long-lasting because of its exceptional durability and lightweight nature. Its hypoallergenic properties allow those with sensitive skin to use it. It passed MIL-STD 810H testing. Ultra 2 can therefore withstand exposure to temperature shock, high heat or cold, humidity, immersion, freeze/thaw, shock, and vibration.

The Brightest Display Till Now

The Apple Watch Ultra 2's maximum brightness is increased to 3000 nits with a new, sophisticated display architecture. It is the brightest display Apple has ever created and is 50% brighter than the Apple Watch Ultra's initial iteration. It ensures that the display is readable even in the brightest environments. The display can also be dimmed to only one nit for early morning or dark environments to avoid disturbing nearby people.

Better Than Any Apple Watch’s Battery

We expected the battery life to be mediocre because it has the brightest display. All wrong, though. The efficiency of the S9 makes a 3,000-nit display possible without sacrificing battery life. "Normal use" with the Apple Watch Ultra 2 lasts for thirty-six hours. You can use the low-power mode function to extend it for up to 72 hours.

Faster, Quicker, More Powerful

The biggest chip change in a long time is the S9 SiP. Along with system-wide improvements, it offers new features including a double-tap gesture, on-device Siri that can read, and the ability to securely and covertly log health data.

The total number of transistors is 5.6 billion, which is 60% more than the S8 possessed. Additionally, it states that the GPU is 30% quicker than the one that came before. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 boasts a potent 4-core Neural Engine that can process machine learning tasks up to twice as fast as the original model.

Built-In Night Mode

The Apple Watch Ultra has a ‌Night Mode‌ to enhance performance in low light. To reduce eye strain in the dark, it turns the interface red and eliminates blue light from the display that affects the retina.

If you glance at your watch or accidentally tilt your wrist in the dark on other Apple Watch models, it can impair your night vision. The Apple Watch Ultra's ‌Night Mode‌ preserves night vision, which is important for astronomers and adventurers.

Using the Wayfinder or Modular Ultra watch face is the only way to activate Night Mode. When any other watch face is shown, this feature is inaccessible and only available for these two faces.

Double Tap Function For Interaction

The new Double Tap feature is among the most notable new enhancements. Touching the watch's display is no longer necessary. Additionally, users can double-tap their thumb and index finger, which the Watch will detect as a motion. Double-tapping the primary button will operate it. It can answer calls, pause and resume playing music, send messages, stop timers, navigate between widgets, and launch the Smart Stack, among other things.

Stay Motivated With Apple

Power meters and other cycling equipment can now be connected to the Apple Watch Ultra 2 via Bluetooth. To get a better idea of your performance during a ride, start a cycling session from your watch. The multisport workout, fitness app, and heart rate zone are displayed on Ultra 2.

Based on your health data, training zones are automatically generated and customized. They can also be made by hand. Custom exercise APIs are compatible with the Apple Watch Ultra 2. You may use applications like TrainingPeaks to transfer your planned workouts straight to the Workout app.

Advance Running Features

Apple Watch Ultra provides cutting-edge functions for running in addition to cycling. It can monitor vertical oscillation, ground contact duration, and stride length. With Pacer, you may practice for specific timing targets. The workout app detects when you arrive at a track. For the most precise pace, distance, and route map, it also employs GPS and Apple Maps data. You can design your own unique workouts. Set time and distance objectives for each workout interval. Include intervals for warm-ups, cool-downs, and recuperation.

Updated Compass & GPS to Pair Up with Your Adventure

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 combines L1 and L5 GPS into an antenna architecture that offers a wider range while using incredibly little power. The revised Compass app features a 3D view of waypoints indicating relative height in addition to a real-time elevation display of the current elevation. Elevation View allows you to see your surroundings in three dimensions. With Cellular Connectivity Waypoints, you can get an estimation of your most recent reception location. Maintain your connection with a new waypoint that indicates where you can make an emergency call.

Unmatched Accuracy In Dense Urban Environments

Whether an athlete is training in the city or the wilderness, GPS performance is essential if they want the most accurate stats. The precise dual-frequency GPS technology of the Apple Watch Ultra offers remarkable accuracy even in the most challenging environments. It improves actual location identification when combined with Apple Maps. Satellite and signal models improve accuracy. The available satellite signals are optimally utilized by a bespoke, sophisticated algorithm. Additionally, for increased accuracy, on-device machine learning cleverly stores map data.

Everything to Love About Ultra 2

Apple aims to keep you safe and sound. So, they include a lot of health and safety features in their latest smartwatch.

Using the electrical heart sensor, the ECG app can capture the rhythm and pulse of your heart. Your Ultra 2 can alert you to abnormal cardiac rhythms. An advanced temperature sensor provides cutting-edge cycle tracking and new insights into the health of women. Additionally, it monitors blood oxygen to assess your overall health.

Advanced sensors and a machine learning system collaborate to identify severe car accidents or falls, and alert emergency services. Additionally, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 notifies your emergency contacts and provides dispatchers with your location.

Stay With Apple Watch Ultra 2, Stay Safe

Advanced sensors work with an artificial intelligence system to detect significant vehicle collisions and send out a distress call to emergency personnel. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 provides your location to dispatchers and alerts your emergency contacts.

If a fall is detected while you're at home or out and about and you don't react, an automated call to emergency services will be placed.

Holding down the side button will alert emergency personnel to your position and cause them to respond quickly. For a predetermined period, updates about your whereabouts will be sent to your emergency contacts.

Available Apple Watch Ultra 2 Price in Bangladesh

Looking for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 trail loop Price in Bangladesh? Here is a list of prices for all the variants available. The price could rise and drop due to the dollar rate fluctuations.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Price in Bangladesh


Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Trail Loop

BDT 106,000

Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Ocean Band

BDT 106,000

Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Alpine Band

BDT 106,000

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Color: Green/Grey

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BDT 94,000.00
NEW Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Trail Loop | Apple International Warranty Claim support