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Google Pixel 6 5G

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Vendor: Google

Storage: 8GB & 128GB

  • Bashundhara City Branch Offer
  • 8GB & 128GB
  • 8GB & 256GB
BDT 38,500.00


The Google Pixel 6 is a good place to start if you're seeking the best that Android has to offer. Google Pixel 6 price in Bangladesh fluctuates between BDT 49,000 to BDT 50,000. With top-notch cameras, lightning-fast 5G connections, and a clever interface that adjusts your operating system's colors to match your background, it offers an outstanding Android experience. Continue reading to see why the Google Pixel 6 is one of the most prominent smartphones.

Google Pixel 6 price in Bangladesh

Google Pixel 6 price in Bangladesh depends on the model’s storage. The 8 GB & 128 GB one costs BDT 49,000. The Google Pixel 6 8 GB & 256 GB costs BDT 50,000. It is the first phone on the market with Tensor processors developed by Google. The tech giant claims that by employing its CPUs, it can drive more machine learning and improve its computational photography and live translation functions without degrading its battery life. The Pixel can improve your photos computationally in many ways. No matter the lighting, the rear camera produces amazing pictures. The photographs' color grading is a little warmer and more saturated. The Tensor chip does more than merely enhance photographs. The Pixel is capable of instantly identifying text and objects in pictures. Additionally, it will translate any text in your photos. If you're having trouble reading a street sign or a restaurant menu while on holiday., this tool is incredibly helpful.

Google Pixel 6 Key Specs

Screen size: 6.4in

Resolution: 2400 × 1080

Processor: 2.8GHz Google Tensor

Cameras: 2 rear (50MP wide, 12MP ultra-wide) and 8MP front


Storage space: 128 GB or 256 GB

MicroSD card slot: No

Weight: 206 g

The Famous One-of-a-Kind Design

We can understand the high Pixel 6 price in Bangladesh because of its premium look. Whether you love it or hate it, the Pixel 6's large camera bar gives Google's flagship series a unique visual identity. We believe it has a sleek appearance. You should use a case because it can feel really slippery without one. This huge phone is more similar in size to the Nothing (1) due to its 6.4-inch screen.

It comes in several colors, all of which have a two-tone appearance and “quirky” names to go with them. Kinda Coral, Sorta Seafoam, or Stormy Black are the available options. In reality, the hues are known as combinations of peach and red, teal and green, and black and gray, respectively. 

Outstanding Camera Features

After all, it's all in the name! This phone contains all of Google's most recent innovations. Regarding the camera itself, you get the standard 50MP wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lens on the back and a respectable 8MP front camera.

The Pixel can improve your photos computationally in many ways. According to Google, their camera is now more adept at identifying darker skin tones in portraits and preventing them from seeming washed out. Additionally, it can impart blur to scenes that are in motion to create dynamic. Its “Face Unblur” function will make use of machine learning.

No matter the lighting, the rear camera produces amazing pictures. Without worrying about post-processing, you can upload photos directly to social media. Additionally, we discovered that the Pixel treats the sky more precisely, so if the clouds are gray, they will appear dramatic and gray.

Smarter Than Any Android Phones

Without significantly affecting battery life, Tensor makes it possible to use features like Live Translate and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) which is extremely accurate. Without requiring users to copy-paste to and from Google Translate, third-party messaging programs like WhatsApp can use Live Translation.

Google Assistant can answer incoming calls via Google Call Screen thanks to Tensor's machine learning capabilities. Google Assistant may now wait while contacting customer service which makes it easier to choose items from the menus. When the operator puts the call on hold, it listens and informs when a person answers the phone.

Additionally, Google Assistant can now contextually voice-type and determine the correct spelling for names that sound similar on a device. Another option is the Interpreter Mode. Users can speak in their native language while the phone acts as an interpreter and instantaneously plays back the translation to the speaker. The Pixel 6 phones can also translate content and offer real-time, on-device live captioning for media.

Best-in-class computational photography

Additionally, Tensor enables brand-new computational photography features like Motion Mode. Two feature subsets make up Motion Mode: Action Pan, which concentrates on a moving item, and Creative Blur, which artfully blurs the background. Additionally, the Long Exposure option lets viewers quickly capture smooth waterfalls or nighttime light trails without the need for a difficult camera setup.

Another function in Google Photos that effectively utilizes Tensor's AI capabilities is Magic Eraser. After a shot has been taken, “photobombs” or errant items or people can be removed with ease using Magic Eraser. Users have the option of manually marking which items to delete or letting Google Photos make its recommendations. 

Google Pixel 6 display

It is large, bright, precise, and vibrant. It is an OLED panel with enhanced contrast capabilities. The screen sports a 90Hz refresh rate, which makes scrolling and animations far smoother than other rivals. The 1080×2400px resolution is equivalent to 411ppi, which is less than the density of the Pro by 100ppi but still flawless. The Corning Gorilla Glass Victus shields it. The media you view has better colors and contrast thanks to HDR10+. HDR10+ is the most advanced version of HDR10.

The phone continues to show a small amount of important information while it is asleep with the always-on display activated. On Google Pixel devices, the feature dims the lock screen and displays useful information like the time and battery life.

Longer Battery Life

The Pixel 6's battery capacity is 4614mAh, which is a little less than the Pro's 5,003mAh but still sufficient for the display and CPU. You can depend on it to last you a full day of typical use. It frequently lasts throughout the following day without needing to be charged.

At 60Hz, the Pixel 6 can play back videos for more than 20 hours while offline. You can use it for twelve and a half hours while using Wi-Fi to browse the web without needing to charge the phone.

There is no charger included with the Pixel 6 when purchased. Google's own 30-watt adapter, which supports USB Power Delivery 3.0 with PPS, offers a 50% charge rate for a 30-minute charge.

Smartest, Most Secure, And Personal

It's an incredible development for mobile computing that Google is creating its processor with such a strong focus on security and AI. Google created the specially designed Titan M2 chip to assist you in shielding your most critical information from unwanted visitors. It manages your most private information, passwords, and transactions and derives its heritage from the same chip Google employs to safeguard its data centers for the Google Cloud.

Both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro come with the Security Hub. It provides a security settings overview and finds any programs that could endanger the security of your smartphone. The Permission Manager is a further location where you can quickly view and control security on your device.

This displays the applications that can access just certain parts of your phone. There is a list of everything, including contacts, files, and data from body sensors.  You can revoke permission from apps that don't need this access with only one press on the app.

It is crucial to look for apps you may have installed in the past that might still be using this data.

All Variants of Google Pixel 6 price in Bangladesh

Looking for the Google Pixel 6 price in Bangladesh? Here is a list of prices for all the variants available. The price could rise and drop due to the dollar rate fluctuations. Storage also plays an important role.

Google Pixel 6 price in Bangladesh

Google Pixel 6 Models


8 GB & 128 GB

BDT 56,000

8 GB & 256 GB

BDT 50,000

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Bashundhara city branch offer, 8gb & 128gb, 8gb & 256gb

Storage: 8GB & 128GB

  • Bashundhara City Branch Offer
  • 8GB & 128GB
  • 8GB & 256GB
BDT 38,500.00
Google Pixel 6 5G