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NEW Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Ocean Band | Apple International Warranty Claim support

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Apple has finally unveiled the eagerly anticipated Apple Watch Ultra 2. Apple Watch Ultra 2 price in Bangladesh is BDT 106,000. The band has no impact on the price. With its flexible fluoroelastomer that can stretch to fit over a wetsuit, the Ocean Band is designed for extreme water sports. We’re loving all the new updates, especially the S9 chip. If you are into extreme water sports, cycling, running, or any type of exercise, this is a must-have watch for you. Let’s dig in more.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Price in Bangladesh

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Price in Bangladesh is BDT 106,000. This watch is available in Titanium and GPS+ cellular connectivity. It comes in 49 mm size. It has three band options - Ocean Band, Trail Loop, and Alpine Band. Ocean band is for extreme water sports and recreational diving. The tubular design allows it to flex and stretch, even over a wetsuit. Titanium buckle with adjustable loop provides a secure fit. The cost doesn’t depend on the band.

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the upgraded model of the Apple Watch Ultra. It is intended for athletes and sports fans who require longer battery life and higher performance tailored to their sport from their gadgets.

The new S9 chip, which is significantly quicker than the S8 chip, is the main new feature of the Ultra 2. With its 4-core Neural Engine, the S9 processor can handle machine learning workloads up to twice as quickly. Despite greater features, it is more efficient for the same all-day battery life.

Kitesurfing, wakeboarding, and recreational scuba diving are among the water sports that the Apple Watch Ultra can withstand but are not advised for use with the regular Apple Watch models. The Apple Watch Ultra satisfies the widely known standards for diving gear, WR100 and EN 13319. The Apple Watch Ultra contains a depth gauge for diving, and when used with the Depth app, it shows the maximum depth reached, the current depth, the water temperature (using the new temperature sensor), and the amount of time spent underwater. This feature looks great with the ocean band.

Why Ocean Band?

Out of the three bands, Ocean Band is the most stylish. Fits wrists between 130 and 200 mm. Because it is made of a high-performance elastomer, it is stretchable and flexible. Even during intense water sports, the band is kept secure by the spring-loaded titanium adjustable loop and corrosion-resistant titanium buckle. After inserting the upper and lower sections as before, you can experiment with the buckle to determine which holes to fit it into: Additionally, this strap is made especially to wear over wetsuits because it is a little larger. But the heart rate sensor won't work if you wear it over a wetsuit. So, the watch can't track any heart rate-related data.

Tougher Than Ever

The Watch Ultra 2 and the original Ultra model look very similar. It has a 49 mm flat display, a row of protruding buttons on the right side, and an orange action button on the left. There is only one material choice in Ultra 2. But since Apple relies on the best one, we're not complaining.

Due to its lightweight and outstanding toughness, titanium is comfortable and long-lasting. Those with sensitive skin can use it because of its hypoallergenic qualities. It has passed MIL-STD 810H testing. Therefore, Ultra 2 can endure exposure to altitude, extreme heat or cold, temperature shock, humidity, immersion, freeze/thaw, shock, and vibration.

Brighter Display Ever for An Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Ultra 2's maximum brightness is increased to 3000 nits with a new, sophisticated display architecture. It is the brightest display Apple has ever created and is 50% brighter than the Apple Watch Ultra's initial iteration. It ensures that the display is readable even in the brightest environments. The display can also be dimmed to only one nit for early morning or dark environments to avoid disturbing nearby people.

Max Battery Life than Any Apple Watch

Since it has the brightest display, we anticipated that the battery life wouldn't be outstanding. But we were wrong. The S9's efficiency allows for a 3,000-nit display without compromising battery life. With the Apple Watch Ultra 2, “normal use” lasts 36 hours. You can extend it by up to 72 hours by using the low-power mode feature.

Powered by New Silicon S9 Chip

The S9 SiP is the most significant chip update in a long time. It provides new features and system-wide upgrades, such as a double-tap gesture and on-device Siri with reading capacity and log health data secretly and securely.

There are 5.6 billion transistors overall, which is 60% more than the S8 had. It also claims that the GPU is 30% faster than the previous version. A powerful 4-core Neural Engine in the Apple Watch Ultra 2 can handle machine learning tasks up to twice as quickly as the original Apple Watch Ultra.

Interact without Touching the Watch

The new Double Tap function, on the other hand, is one of the most significant new improvements. You don't have to touch the watch's display anymore. Users can also double-tap their index and thumb, which the Watch will recognize as a motion. You can operate the main button by double-tapping. It can open the Smart Stack, switch between widgets, play and pause music, answer calls, stop timers, send messages, and more.

More Views, More Motivating

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 now uses Bluetooth to connect to cycling gear like power meters. Start a cycling session from your watch for a better understanding of how you performed throughout a ride. Ultra 2 displays the heart rate zone, multisport workout, and fitness app.

Training zones are created and personalized automatically based on your health data. You can also create them manually. Apple Watch Ultra 2 is compatible with custom workout APIs. You may export your scheduled workouts directly to the Workout app using apps like TrainingPeaks.

Exclusive “Modular Ultra” Watch Face

There is a "Wayfinder" face exclusive to the Apple Watch Ultra. It has a time dial with a compass function built into it. It also allows for eight possible difficulties. An integrated night mode on the Wayfinder face makes it redder for enhanced visibility in low light. In addition to coming on automatically when it becomes dark, night mode may also be accessed by rotating the Digital Crown.

Apple introduced a second exclusive face, the Modular Ultra, with the Ultra 2. The Modular Ultra presents real-time data, such as seconds, altitude, or depth, using the outermost edge of the display. Out of all the Apple Watch digital faces, it has the most complexity.

Groundbreaking Even in the Sea

The Apple Watch Ultra is ideal for water sports, including extreme ones like wakeboarding and kitesurfing as well as scuba diving for fun up to 40 meters. It has EN13319 certification, a widely accepted standard for diving gear.

Your wrist becomes a diving computer thanks to the Oceanic+ software for the Apple Watch Ultra 2. It has all the safety alerts you would expect from a dive computer, such as decompression restrictions, high ascent rates, and safety pauses. The app utilizes a Bühlmann decompression algorithm to continuously compute and track dive parameters, providing you with the information you require in a single glance.

From Sea To Cloud

As soon as you surface, get the data from your dive, including the GPS entry and exit coordinates. It instantly syncs with the cloud and your iPhone. View an overview of your dive profile and look through your free diving or scuba logbook to find dives you've done in the past or to share your experiences with loved ones.

Track Recreational Underwater Activity

For monitoring recreational underwater activity, the Depth app is great. It indicates the time, depth, temperature of the water, amount of time spent underwater, and greatest depth you've reached. It turns on automatically as you go under. Additionally, it logs every session in the Fitness app on your iPhone and displays a dive summary on your watch. This provides you with a full dive history, together with a dive graph and a map displaying the GPS entry position.

More Features To Love Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple wants you to stay secure. Thus, their most recent smartwatch has a ton of health and safety functions.

Your heart's pulse and rhythm can be recorded by the ECG app by using the electrical heart sensor. You can be informed of irregular heart rhythms via your Ultra 2. New insights into women's health and state-of-the-art cycle tracking are offered by a sophisticated temperature sensor. It also tracks blood oxygen levels to evaluate your general well-being.

You can now monitor your sleep. Check how much time you spend in each of the three stages of sleep: deep, core, and REM. You can ask Siri questions regarding health-related information, such as your typical walking heart rate or how much sleep you got the night before. Track your weight, menstruation, and other details with Siri. Due to on-device processing, requests get dealt with more quickly and securely. Later this year, this feature will be available.

Innovative Safety Features

Sophisticated sensors in conjunction with an AI system identify serious auto accidents and initiate communication with emergency responders.  The Apple Watch Ultra 2 notifies your emergency contacts and gives dispatchers your location.

Whether you're at home or out exploring, an automated contact to emergency services will be made if a fall is detected and you don't respond.

To promptly notify emergency services and inform them of your location, press and hold the side button. Your emergency contacts will receive updates about your whereabouts for a certain amount of time.

Available Apple Watch Ultra 2 Price in Bangladesh

Looking for the Apple Watch Ultra 2 Ocean Band Price in Bangladesh? Here is a list of prices for all the variants available. The price could rise and drop due to the dollar rate fluctuations.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 Price in Bangladesh


Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Ocean Band

BDT 106,000

Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Trail Loop

BDT 106,000

Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Alpine Band

BDT 106,000

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NEW Apple Watch Ultra 2 with Ocean Band | Apple International Warranty Claim support