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Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra - 8GB RAM & 256GB | Call For Latest Price ( 01842522796 , 01684473821)

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Technical Details



  • Knox platform: real-time monitoring and protection.
  • Virus, malware prevention (powered by McAfee).
  • Secure Folder: a secure space on the device to isolate and protect content such as apps, photos, movies, and private files.
  • *Virus and malware prevention solution providers may vary depending on country.


  • Lock type: pattern, PIN, password
  • Biometric lock type: Fingerprint, Face recognition

Accessibility Features

To continue making our technology accessible to everyone, Samsung has developed and applied a variety of technical solutions. With solutions for vision, hearing, dexterity, and interaction, people with disabilities may also use some of our new and exciting features.

  • Voice Assistant
  • High contrast theme, font, keyboard, and Internet
  • Color inversion, adjustment, lens
  • Magnifier window, widget
  • Sound detectors
  • Hearing aid support
  • Left/right sound balance
  • Mono audio
  • Mute all sounds
  • Live Transcribe/Caption on Android
  • Amplify ambient sound
  • Universal switch
  • Assistant menu
  • Interaction control
  • Touch settings (Tap duration, Ignore repeated touches, Touch and hold delay)
  • Mouse and Physical keyboard (Click after pointer stops, Sticky keys, Slow keys, Bounce keys)
  • Direct access
  • Flash notification