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Reasons to Buy Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 in Bangladesh - Review, Features & Price

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Microsoft surface in Bangladesh

The latest Surface Pro 4 is all about massive power compressed inside a portable hybrid of a laptop and a tablet. Microsoft had always relied upon its partners like the HP and others in the past to come up with the hardware, which never affected the iPad’s sales figure year after year.  

Finally, the release of the Surface Pro 4 seems to have shaken the industry, as users like us can experience both a laptop as well as a tablet by using a single device.

You can either download your favorite apps from the Play Store or install the same programs like how we install on computers. Microsoft has crafted an open platform that allows you to tweak in any manner you please.  

I am going to talk about 6 most valid reasons for buying a Surface Pro 4 if you’re looking for the best laptops of 2018 in Bangladesh.

Key Hardware Configuration of Microsoft Surface Pro 4:

  • 7th-gen Core i7 Processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • 3” display (267PPI)
  • 0 MP front camera, 8.0 MP rear camera

Reasons for Buying a Surface Pro 4 in Bangladesh

1. Surface Pro is a fusion

Microsoft surface price in Bangladesh

Microsoft is presently way out of the league for any of its competitors in terms of versatility.  

In addition, the latest Surface Pro 4 is capable of performing every single task as that of a computer at greater efficiency, regardless of its size.  

One quick wrench can turn this keyboard integrated device into a tablet, with a Surface Pen for experiencing an unparalleled interface.

The pen enables users to draw, sign documents and carry out all sorts of tasks that generally need a mouse.

2. Pen is mightier than the sword

Microsoft surface price in BD

We’ve stepped into a new era of technology where companies are competing relentlessly for adding innovations.

Microsoft has clearly raised a significant challenge for stylus manufacturers by introducing its own Surface Pen in the market.

How does it pose a threat for the rests?

The reason is its ability to withstand outstanding pressure at 1024, which is currently four times more intense than that of the existing styluses in the market.

3. Overwhelming power

Microsoft surface in Bangladesh

In terms of power, the latest Surface Pro 4 is massively powerful, which is one of the most compelling reasons for investing your hard earned money in.

Even the older versions with 6th-gen Intel Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM can smoothly run programs like the Premiere Pro and Photoshop.

However, the graphics isn’t as compatible as its processing speed, which was proven while I tried installing Black Flag.

After installing Batman Arkham Origins, which to my surprise ran successfully with most of the gaming features disabled.

4. Compelling display resolution


surface BD

The display screen of the latest Surface Pro 4 is captivating to look at, and especially with its resolution upgrade to 2736 x 1824 having 267 megapixels per inch!

The upgrade has toppled Apple’s iPad Pro as well as MacBook Air.

Moreover, the display resolution is comparatively brighter than that of the older Surface; hence, better movie experience for enthusiasts and graphics designers.

5. Windows 10 OS


Microsoft surface in bangladeshWindows 10 OS is particularly designed both for laptop and desktop devices, and Surface Pro 4 is a combination of both.

It simply takes a tap by the user for switching to the tablet mode located in the action center.

Double-clicking the eraser button on the stylus switches on Cortana, the Ai assistant by Microsoft.

Its facial recognition feature has the capacity to process the depth of images; hence, you don’t need to stare directly at the screen for unlocking the device.

Windows 10 operating system completes the Surface Pro 4, both of which perform impeccably well to ensure optimum performance for users.

6. Carry it with style

Lastly, if you’re one of those individuals that prefer carrying a sense of uniqueness in your style, a Surface Pro 4 will undoubtedly set you apart from the rest in a workspace.

The latest design by Microsoft isn’t just meant for delivering power, but also style!

As we are heavily becoming reliant upon computers to earn our living, manufacturers like the Microsoft and Apple are also reducing the size of their computers without compromising on power to ensure comfort while moving.

The main objective of Microsoft was to design one device capable of performing everything, which their latest Surface Pro 4 has to offer.

Similar to the previous versions of the Surface, the latest one is also equipped with the advanced cooling system, enabling you to either watch movies or work on your projects peacefully and soundlessly.

Still unsure of whether or not to buy a Surface Pro 4?



 Microsoft surface pro 4 price in Bangladesh

The whole point of this review isn’t meant for coercing you to invest in a Surface Pro, but for highlighting all the exciting features you’re likely to experience after buying one.

However, keep reading through until the end to find out its drawbacks.

It seems that Microsoft has deliberately chosen to not include neither the Type Cover nor the Stylus with the Surface; hence, you will need to buy them separately for $159.99 and $99.99 respectively.

If you’re planning to be productive with this device, then you’ll also need to invest in either one of these two external peripherals for work.

While traveling, make sure you’re always carrying the charger since the device is capable of running for 7 hours 30 minutes only without a power supply.

Lastly, the Surface notebook/laptop doesn’t have a Type-C port for a USB; therefore, the one cable for everything isn’t going to work for a Surface Pro 4.


Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Price in Bangladesh: 

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Price in Bangladesh is 130,000 TK. This price will save your 10000 TK. To know, more details about price just hit the link Here is The latest Surface Pro 4   

Most importantly, you will get to unseal the box of a Surface by yourself if you’re planning to get one from Custom Mac BD’s retail store in Jamuna Future Park.

Therefore, get started, do whatever- write, draw or erase your work just like the way you do on a paper, except it’s going to be a screen now.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get connected with Custom Mac BD right now via their website and place your order for a Surface Pro for gearing up your productivity.

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