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Apple Macbook Pro 2018 - Features, Specifications, Release date and Price in Bangladesh

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Strong Build quality, 4K display, New OLED touch bar, AMD Radeon Pro Graphics, Faster RAM, Faster solid state drives, Louder speaker and all day battery life- this will be the new Macbook Pro 2018.

Apple will add lots of new elements into new MacBook Pro 2018 which makes this Pro version of the new Macbook 2018 extra powerful than other version of Macbook Pro. Macbook Pro 2018 will be come with two new variant display sizes as it is 13 inch and 15 inch.


MacBook Pro 2018 Design


Features, Specifications & Price for New MacBook Pro 2018


As based on MacBook Pro 2017, Apple will add some extra features for the 2018 new MacBook Pro. Apple always brings some suspense at every WWDC.  


MacBook series has currently come with color variants of Silver, Space Grey, Gold and Rose Gold while MacBook pro is only available in two color variants of Silver and Space Gray. Now, it is a possibility and prediction that new MacBook Pro 2018 will offer with Gold color as it is seen on the iPhone 8 and iPad.


Apple will use Coffee Lake processor for the upcoming new MacBook Pro 2018 -  reveal by Intel

on april 3, 2018. It means that 15 inch MacBook pro model could finally move to a 6 core processor and 13 inch could move to quad core from dual core. At presently, quad core is only offering for the 15 inch MacBook Pro model. Performance difference between koby Lake and Coffee Lake processor is boosting performance.Coffee Lake processor will provide more than 30 percentage performance boost than koby Lake processor. Coffee Lake processor offer better performance and power consumption.


Display of MacBook Pro 2018

Screen resolution of current MacBook Pro is 2560 by 1600 on the 13 inch model and 2880 by 1800 for MacBook Pro 15 inch model. Apple is using LED-backlit display While Dell, HP, Asus are now offering 4K display. Unfortunately this is the lagging area for Apple.
Though apple never offer touch screen display for MacBook Pro because Steve Jobs (Late CEO of Apple) never wanted touch screen display for Macbook Pro series. However, screen touch display would be a desirable addition.

GPU of the New MacBook Pro

Replacing of AMD Radeon Pro 455, MacBook Pro 2018 could offer with AMD Radeon 555 or 560 for the 15 inch MacBook Pro model. It could be the expectation for the new 2018 MacBook Pro. For the 13 inch model, Apple offer Intel Iris plus Graphics 640/650. Upcoming new MacBook Pro 2018 could be the best for Graphics designer, video editor and all heavy users.


Touch Bar & Touch ID of MacBook Pro 2018

Touch Bar

Will Apple offer Multifunctional Touch Bar in the model of the latest MacBook Pro 2018! Though it is not very popular but we have to wait until the upcoming announcement at WWDC. If Apple doesn’t want to add Touch Bar across the top of the Keyboard to the other Macs or the new upcoming MacBook Pro then it will be an indicator that Touch Bar is no more popular. Touch Bar is a point less feature is said by who have a MacBook Pro. Although, Touch Bar in MacBook Pro 2018 model will be suspense and we have to wait till the WWDC announcement to see what will happen. It has a small OLED Retina display on the top of the keyboard.

Touchbar of macbook 2018

Touch Bar is using for music playback control, answer Face Time calls, view calendar, iMovie editing, emoji, call up siri and many more features are in MacBook Pro Touch Bar.



Touch ID

 Touch Bar is a full feature Bar where Touch ID is placed as fingerprint sensor for ensuring security. Touch ID of the MacBook Pro 2018 will be so fast as new iPhone. It will be quick responsive. Touch ID not only can unlock but also can do quickly switching between different Mac users and also can be used for Apple pay purchasing by using Safari web Browser.  

Sapphire crystal is used to cover the Touch ID also for durability.


 Touch ID of macbook pro 2018

Ports of 2018 MacBook Pro

New MacBook Pro 2018, 13 inch and 15 inch both models will be equipped with four USB-C ports, two USB-C on each side of MacBook Pro. USB-C supports USB 3.1 and Thunderbolt 3. Bandwidth speed of Thunderbolt 3 is twice than Thunderbolt 2.

Ports of 2018 MacBook Pro
Each Port can be deliver power to MacBook Pro and functionality of each ports is same. This port can be used for Power, VGA, Display Port, HDMI, USB and Thunderbolt.  

Speaker jack will be vanished to the upcoming model of MacBook Pro because new policies of Apple.


Other Features of MacBook Pro 2018

Wireless of New MacBook Pro

Bluetooth v4.2 and WiFi 802.11ac will be in the new MacBook Pro.



Camera of upcoming MacBook pro 2018 will be upgraded than previous version of MacBook Pro. Apple uses 720p FaceTime HD camera it could be better in New line up MacBook Pro 2018.



Pro level machine needs better battery life as the reason Apple will increase battery life in new 2018 Macbook Pro. It is important to improve of battery life for all day use and as a result, expecting longer battery life could be in MacBook Pro 2018. Compare to other MacBook Pro models, upcoming MacBook Pro will have up to 10 hours plus battery life for wireless web usage and up to 10 hours plus movie playback on itunes.


Release date of MacBook Pro 2018

Apple always arranges a worldwide developer conference (WWDC) for launching the new updated product. So, New MacBook Pro 2018 will be announced at WWDC keynote on 4 June. The WWDC program will start at 5:00 PM BDT (GMT +6) or PDT 10:00 AM.

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Price of MacBook Pro 2018 in Bangladesh

Price of the MacBook Pro 2018 would nearly the same as existing model. 13 inch- MacBook Pro 2018, price range will be $1299 USD to $1999 USD and 15 inch- MackBook Pro 2018, price range will be  $2399 USD to $2699 USD.


Is it worth the wait for Macbook Pro 2018?

Apple is going to announce for new MacBook Pro 2018 at WWDC very soon. Now this guide is going to tell why you might wait for new MacBook Pro 2018 and it is worth for you or not.

Reasons to wait:

  • The Releasing date is coming soon.
  • New Processor.
  • Longer Battery.
  • New color.
  • New Keyboard.
  • Better TouchPad.
  • Better Performance.
  • With or without Touch Bar at 13 inch model.

If it is your urgency to buy a MacBook then it is not worthy for you to wait for MacBook Pro 2018.

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