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Best MacBook Accessories for a Better Mac Xperience of 2018 in Bangladesh

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We have talked about the best MacBook Pro series and Retina, but we still haven’t discussed about the best MacBook accessories available in local stores.

Why would you spend your money on these accessories? It’s because your life will get much simpler, especially during the monsoon season when rainfall is imminent, and you also need to keep your laptop dry.

Here are our top priority accessories for MacBook that you’re going to need after buying a laptop.

Top 11 MacBook Accessories of 2018

1. Protective case for MacBook Pro by Baseus

Baseus Laptop Case For Apple Macbook Pro 2016 & 2017

Once you’ve already invested in a kickass MacBook, the next most imminent task is to enclose the device with a durable case to prevent scratches and/or dents.

These silicone made laptop cases for MacBook Pro 13 and 15 inches will not only protect your precious laptop from accidental drops, but also its color. Fully transparent and adds only an additional millimeter to the thickness of a MacBook Pro.

2. Baseus Almighty Hub with Type-C USB for Notebook

Baseus Almighty Hub Multi-port Expandable Dock for Type-C NotebookGreat things come in small packages.

Baseus Almighty is a pocket sized backup power hub with 8 interfaces for:

  • HDMI socket
  • USB 3.0 (for all flash drives)
  • An Ethernet cable socket
  • Type- C USB for Notebooks
  • SD/TF data transfer

Basically, you will be equipped with all the right things for establishing a network of multiple tech devices to facilitate information flow.

If you’re planning to watch a most awaited movie of the year with your friends, simply connect the smartphone with an LCD TV through the HDMI socket, so you can enjoy it on a bigger screen!

3. Luxury laptop bags by Baseus for MacBook Pro (15 inch)

Baseus Luxury Laptop Bag 15 inch Women/Men for Macbook Pro Air Case

We talk about brands for both sexes, and this bag is designed for both men and women.

The strap is woven with fine threads to not leave any rashes on your skin on summer days, while hanging it by your shoulder on one side.

Available in Black and Ash at Tk 5,000. An excellent choice for those that might believe, “School days are over!” 

4. Xiaomi Air Laptop Sleeve Bags (13 inch)

Xiaomi Air 13 Laptop Sleeve bags

Designed by Xiaomi, yet equally capable of containing a MacBook Air 11 or 12 perfectly, with comfort.

Made of PU leather to add a superior sense in style to your daily work attire, while perfectly cushioning the device from accidental bumps or drops.

Watch out, this does not have a zipper for sealing its opening.

Available in black and ash at Tk 3,500.

5. Urban Lifestyle backpack for Xiaomi Mi

Xiaomi Mi Simple Urban Life Style Backpack

Even though it says “for Xiaomi”, it can also keep your MacBook Pro in a completely sealed chamber, safe from rainwater, especially during monsoon.

There are 4 separate sections inside this backpack for keeping your laptop and notebook in your desired order, fully safe from dust. 3 extra pockets in the outer layer of the bag in which you can keep your phone, power bank, and other necessary items.

If you’re a corporate employee, one of these bags can turn your home-work-home commute amazingly convenient.

6.  Magic M`ouse 2 by Apple, save Tk 2000

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Unlike the mouse with batteries that are also comparatively heavier than a Magic Mouse 2 by Apple, the latter is rechargeable; hence, batteries are redundant.

I feel the mouse can actually read my mind while using it with my palm on top of the device. It allows you to move the cursor with the slightest touch across the computer desk.

Moreover, its multi-touch surface can be used to shift from one website to another, and to scroll through documents effortlessly and quite…magically!

7. Xiaomi Mi- multi-functional backpack while traveling:

Xiaomi Mi Multifunctional Backpacks

I believe this multi-functional backpack is made for photographers and journalists, jobs that require you to travel with multiple gadgets. The bag with 26L capacity can fit a 15.6 inch laptop inside along with multiple itineraries essential for business meetings.

8. Wool felt Sleeve Bag for MacBook Pro

This wooly felt briefcase for both MacBook Pro and Air of 13 and 15 inches respectively instills a sense of prominent style in an individual while carrying one of these bags with a MacBook Pro inside.

Available in solid black at Tk 1,700. Keep in mind that the thread of this bag isn’t effective water repellant.

9. Magic Keyboard by Apple- US English

Like the Magic Mouse 2, the Magic Keyboard is also equipped with rechargeable batteries and highly advanced functionalities. I have probably typed more than 3000 words with ease using one of these keyboards at work on my first day.   

Outstandingly long lasting battery support; hence, by charging the keyboard once, the device can be used for prolong hours without a glitch.

10. Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones

Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones

These powerful and sleek pair of headphones reverberates impeccable quality of music as soon as it pairs with your MacBook. The device has become quite popular among fitness enthusiasts, as good music can drastically improve workout sessions.

You can wirelessly connect to your iPhone, MacBook, Smartwatch or iPad; moreover, you can easily answer phone calls, change music tracks and wake Siri up by pressing the buttons on the device.

Available at Tk 24,000 and saving Tk 3,000.

11. Twelve South BookArc

Twelve South BookArc

Even though the BookArc Mod is not a necessity, but it can turn your study/work table more appealing to look at. You can easily charge your MacBook by sliding it through the space between the arcs, and there is a hook underneath for the cables to stay out of sight.  

Two versions named Twelve South BookArc at $49.99 and BookArc Mod at $39.99 are available on Amazon. So place your order now before moving into a new home.

These are our top picked MacBook accessories listed above to help you choose from the best ones. Trust me, these additional gadgets will keep your device out of harm’s way. For further information related to accessories, stay with us always.

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