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5 Reasons to Use a Hackintosh in Bangladesh

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Are you curious about using a Hackintosh in Bangladesh? I suggest you read the whole article carefully and it will help you decide.

The users of Apple’s MAC OS are increasing day by day internationally as well as in Bangladesh. At the same time, there are more users in Bangladesh who want to upgrade their generic PC to MAC but if you consider the cost, you might not want to upgrade to MAC. Hackintosh will be a great option for you because Hackintosh is a clone version of Mackintosh which gives you the access to use it like an Apple machine. Let us provide you the 5 reasons to use a Hackintosh in Bangladesh.

Advantages of Hackintosh/Custom Mac in BD Hackintosh BD


1. Get the full Taste of MAC OS

Do you know that in an Apple PC or Macbook you can run Windows OS? Yes, you can but you have to use Bootcamp. However, Apple normally won’t let you run their OS to any other platform. Now, you might be thinking how can I get the full taste of a MAC OS?

Apple uses Mackintosh in their MAC OS.  As they don’t give permission to use their OS on any other platform, the Mackintosh required to get hacked and it turned into Hackintosh. It’s like a clone version of a Mac where you can get the real taste of a MAC os.

2. Affordable and Money Saver


We all know about the price of an Apple machine. It is often higher than any other machine in the market. Generally, in Bangladesh cost is a big factor and because of MAC being too expensive, not many people can afford to have a MAC PC with MAC OS.

Well, getting a Hackintosh will charge you almost the half of the price to have all the facilities on a MAC so that, you can enjoy more with a less price. Considering the least expensive MAC PRO (with expansion slot) at a price of $2500, you can build a better one or the same configuration within less than the half price. 

If you face any problem with any parts, you can change it anytime and that won’t charge you a big amount like a MAC does. With a little cost, your problem will be solved.

With this facility, you can save a lot of money to do something better in future. So, Hackintosh is not just affordable, it’s also a money saver too. I hope that’s worth one of the best reasons to use Hackintosh in Bangladesh.

 3. Flexible and Customizable

To run Hackintosh, you won’t need a machine bought from Apple. You can build up your own PC and run Hackintosh into it. You can customize the PC like according to your need. You won’t need to maintain apple’s configuration but yes, if you want to get the most out of it, you should build your PC with a good configuration.

If you want to have a gaming PC then you have the access to upgrade your Graphics card.

Are you a professional video editor? Want to work more smoothly? include a powerful graphics card into your Hackintosh PC within the latest processor and feel the power.

Do you want more space or need more RAM? There is no barrier to add what you need.Even, if you don’t want to use Hackintosh, you can turn back to Windows any time.

There are no specific Hackintosh accessories and you can build a Hackintosh PC according to your requirements.

When you’re a Hackintosh user, you are the king but when you are a MAC user, you are just a member of a kingdom. Now, you choose what you want to be.  

You can check out Hackintosh motherboard thunderbolt 2 or 3 as some people experimented with these before or you can select one that suits you. Don’t worry about the cost because compared to Apple, the cost will be almost half and the flexibility gives you the access to build it the way you want it to be.


4. Upgradable and Replaceable


As you can build your own MAC, you can upgrade or replace any parts anytime. Once, you upgrade a part, you can sell that too.

When it’s about original MAC computers or Macbook, Apple won’t let you replace or upgrade the parts. In that case, if you want to upgrade, you have to replace the whole or buy a new one and you know the cost is going to bite you.

A Hackintosh PC will allow you to use any operating system you want whether it’s Windows, Linux or Ubuntu. You can use it for different purposes.

Meanwhile, you can upgrade your Hackintosh computer according to the condition of your pocket. It won’t let you much money to go up. So, we can say, the upgradability is one of the best reasons to use Hackintosh in Bangladesh.

5. Available

It’s available to use Hackintosh in Bangladesh. There are different Mac OS Hackintosh versions available in Custom Mac BD. You can search online for MAC OS sierra Hackintosh, Mac OS X and so on and install it on your PC.

HACKINTOSH in Bangladesh 

Note- it may seem difficult for you to install Hackintosh and build a Hackintosh Pc for you if you don’t have any previous experience. There are lots of PC shop available in Bangladesh. You can go to a trustable shop and they will do everything for you and you will be charged a little amount for that. Just to be away from harm, you can do this or you can search for a tutorial online on how to install Hackintosh as well.

These are the 5 reasons to use Hackintosh in Bangladesh which will help you decide to take a step forward towards Hackintosh- from my point of view. I hope, there will be a device like Bootcamp one day to run Mac OS on the Windows PC or something more developed. If you have more idea, you can add those in the comment section.

So, what are you waiting for? Order a Hackintosh or build on your own and make your life more enjoyable using Hackintosh in Bangladesh and save money.

Thank you for coming to know about Hackintosh, please feel free to comment or inbox our facebook page for more information about Hackintosh or call 01762522797.

Share with your friends if you like it. Stay tuned for more updates. Until then take care and spread the goodness.


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